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Tips on Making the Most of Your Real Estate Web Space

July 18 2014

webspace1 realtycommanderAt the end of the day, judging success in real estate comes down to closing deals and putting people inside homes. Studies show that 20 percent of agents are responsible for 80 percent of all the homes sold. This is a frightening disparity because no agent wants to be in the bottom of the barrel.

Here are some quick tips to help your business get the most out of your blogs and lead capture forms.

Be the local expert:

Really be the master of the market you're selling homes in and try to be a local resource for homebuyers. What's the city or town known for? Where is the best spot to grab a beer? See live music? Educate young children?

But knowledge is only half the battle.

You can use this knowledge to develop blog posts that boost your competitive advantage. For example, an agent working out of Minneapolis probably already knows the city has some of the best public parks in the country. With this information you can write a blog titled something like, "10 Best Parks in the Minneapolis Area" or "Top Kid Friendly Parks in Minneapolis." Posts like this will increase your businesses website traffic, local creditability and visibility within the community.

If you turn yourself into a resource for local information, the leads WILL follow.

Capture those leads:

According to Google's Digital House Hunt study, 78 percent of home shoppers visit more than three websites before they actually reach out to an agent. You can get their contact information quickly and before "the other guys" by creating an effective lead capture form built directly into your business website.

There is no magic formula for these forms, but there are some proven and effective techniques:

  • Make sure forms appear front and center on your landing page without users having to scroll or dig through the site.
  • Find a good length balance for your lead forms. Too long and prospects may get bored and go elsewhere. Too short and you may not be provided enough information for a productive follow-up call.
  • Online users are always concerned about their personal information, so have your privacy policy clearly posted to reduce anxiety.

Save buyers time:

webspace2 realtycommanderRecent polls have shown that buying a house is more stressful than bankruptcy, divorce and a death of a family member. Craft your blog or website with content that relieve some of the stress that comes with finding a home by cutting out some of the research for potential clients.

By linking directly to important information like area crime stats, school district rankings, transit options, and night life directly from your business website, you are saving potential buyers valuable time that would have been wasted searching for answers.

Potential buyers will think of you when it's time to look for houses because your business has been helping them long before any phone calls were made.

Manage and Organize leads:

The best thing to do with leads when they come in is to have an organized way to database the information. Veteran agents will tell you that keeping track of leads can be time consuming and potential clients can fall through the cracks if information is not managed properly. Agents should find an effective and organized way to manage leads and information.

Don't let revenue slip through your fingertips because of lead mismanagement.

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