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#ICSF Day 1: Culture, Social Media, Leads, and More

July 17 2014

icsf2014 twitpicThe Inman Connect conference kicked off in San Francisco today. As always, the agenda was packed with choice sessions like "The Uberification of Real Estate" and "From Lead Generation to Client Generation" and far too many others to list here (see the full agenda heresee the full agenda here).

The winners of the 2014 Innovator Awardswinners of the 2014 Innovator Awards were also announced today, with Ben Kinney taking home the Innovator of the Year honor. Other winners include the Houston Association of Realtors,'s AgentMatch app, Doorsteps Swipe, and more.

And then there were the after-parties (including RE Technology's killer event at The Great American Music Hall). But we won't get into that. What we will get into is all the wonderful live updates coming from Twitter. As in previous years, we took to the social media platform to keep tabs on the event. Here are the best 140-character bits of real estate knowledge coming from #ICSF:


Ingrid MenningaIngrid Menninga - Consistency is critical! You need a seller intake questionnaire, buyer intake questionnaire and ALWAYS get the same info! #systems #icsf

Erik PojeErik Poje - If you're going to invest in #SEO, go all out. As a navy seal friend of mine is fond of saying, "Moderation is for cowards" #ICSF

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Don't be bitter about the competition, get better. #icsf

Matthew CoatesMatthew Coates - "The time you get too busy to do your own SEO is the time you can probably afford it." Bam! #icsf

Real Estate AllyReal Estate Ally - Culture takes courage. Could you fire a toxic-influence top producer? If not, your culture is at risk. #icsf #bydesignnotdefault

NexTitleNexTitle - "A highly skilled, consultative agent won't be replaced" by the larger search giants. @danielle_lazier #ICSF

Real Estate ConnectReal Estate Connect - @PeteFlint with @Trulia - if you can answer a lead in 3 min, you’ll double conversions in sales. #ICSF

Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins - #ICSF Great quote from Estately's Ward on leads: Be a black lab, they're happy to see everyone

NexTitleNexTitle - Funny Glengarry Glen Ross quote: "The leads aren't weak- you're weak!" Thanks, David Friedman! #ICSF

Jeremy PittmanJeremy Pittman - These are not leads. These are people! [email protected]_Smth #icsf #peoplework

VirginiaMundenVirginiaMunden - Texting has a 99% read rate...emails have 20% read rate. #icsf #remax @REMAXoa How are you replying?

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Coupling and bursting = text followed up shortly after with phone call boosts conversion rates. #icsf

VirginiaMundenVirginiaMunden - What is it about this home that made you actually call an agent? Ask your online leads good questions. #icsf #remax @REMAXoa

VirginiaMundenVirginiaMunden - Articulate proper dialogues that matter, speak the language of the consumer, not the language of the industry. #icsf #remax @REMAXoa

Erik PojeErik Poje - It's not enough to 'Produce' content. You have to 'Promote' it as well. Forget "ABC" and foster "ABS" aka 'Always Be Sharing' #ICSF

Jacy RiedmannJacy Riedmann - "Cameras do not have the same dynamic range as the human eye." Color correcting a photo gives you a more realistic view of a property. #ICSF

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - You are granted a short window into your client's lives, and it's a huge responsibility. Make it stress free. @alexwang #ICSF

Teah HopperTeah Hopper - Once again, just treat your social relationships like you would in real life. Be nice. Be kind. Respond. Pay compliments. @Pistachio #icsf

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe - If you are mentioned anywhere- reciprocate! #ICSF

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe - The message is the influencer- Not YOU! @Pistachio #ICSF

That Peter BrewerThat Peter Brewer - 'Your marketing material should be stuff that people would pay you for' #amen #icsf

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - Influence has inverted in social media. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. @Pistachio #ICSF

Joseph BlaiseJoseph Blaise - Stop talking about yourself, be useful, generous, know your audience, engage them and take amazing care of them #ICSF #gimmesometruth

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - Would you be impressed with your own website, as a consumer? Have you ever thought about it that way? #ICSF #techtrack

Tara L ChristiansonTara L Christianson - 4 FREE tools to use:,,, free trial of social inbox: #icsf