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Top 10 Articles from June

June 30 2014

green leavesSummer's officially here, and we've got a list of recommended reading to ease you into a long, holiday weekend. Our list of the 10 most read articles from June runs the gamut from fixing slow computers to creating iPad listing presentations to a look at the kind of cyber attack that brought® down earlier this month.

Read on to see what other topics piqued the interest of your peers in June.

1. 15 Networking Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents
Most of these shouldn't exactly be secrets. But given how important networking is in the real estate business, it's still amazing how many agents don't make the most out of their networking opportunities. Here are some of the best practices to get you started.

2. Your Top 4 Computer Problems: Solved!
Having computer troubles? You're not alone. Unresolved tech issues are a sure way to slow your real estate business down. So let's try a little damage control. We talked to a tech support team that specializes in helping agents for easy fixes to your computer woes.

3. Dealing With Disloyal Clients
Have you experienced a "cheating" client? Plenty of agents have. Whatever the circumstance, it hurts to lose a client like this. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening again, but here are some tips on what to do right now.

4. Video: iPad Listing Presentations
Earlier this month, we teamed up with Realtor Jeremy Lehman and Cloud CMA for a live demonstration on creating winning iPad presentations. Watch our video recording for tips and tricks on creating your own killer listing presentation.

5. Photos too large for upload? Take these simple steps to resize them.
Many Realtors® upload photos to their MLS and other real estate web sites. Photos that are taken at a high resolution save as large files, sometimes too large to upload. Here are simple steps for resizing photos for Windows and Mac users.

6. Ten Ways to Make the Most of Every Lead: Part 2
Are you looking for a way to double your business in 12 months? The first round of tips stated that if you want to make the most out of every lead, you must always follow up immediately, make your emails count, take advantage of video, stay in constant contact and stay balanced. This time around, we want to share the last five tips offered by Bob Corcoran that will surely help grow your business!

7. Headshot and Video Style Tips for Real Estate Agents
Appearing polished in your headshots and video-marketing materials goes beyond vanity – it is how potential clients will perceive you. Follow these on-camera tips to elevate the professionalism of your branding materials.

8. 5 Steps to Launch an Edutizing Campaign
How can you reach consumers without coming across as too "salesy"? Try offering educational and informative content. These five steps will get you started.

9. What's a DDoS Attack?'s website went down June 17, thanks to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. It's the latest in a string of recent DDoS attacks across the Internet. Here, we'll examine what a DDoS is and how you can protect yourself.

10. E-Signature Security: A Primer for Agents
Ever wondered how an e-signature can be more secure than old-fashioned pen-and-ink? Or what makes an electronic signature legally viable? Questions about getting e-signatures accepted by banks? Learn all you need to know in this article.