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Top 10 Articles from May

June 01 2014

Bees in flower 200pxWhat a month! May was a whirlwind of activity, from NAR Midyear in Washington, D.C. to the public reemergence of broker Krisstina Wise (see #6 below) to the release of our 2014 Technology Guide. And with the spring/summer selling season well underway, things are only going to get busier!

So relax and take a minute to catch up on what your fellow agents have been reading lately. We've rounded up our most popular articles of May right here for your reading pleasure!

1. Beating Zillow and Trulia at Their Own Game
What if I told you that just about everything you find unfair about the way that Zillow and Trulia display your listings can be changed? Guess what? An insider understanding of how these sites work has allowed thousands of listing agents to get hundreds of dollars worth of free marketing on these sites without paying a dime.

2. 4 Great Mobile Apps to Help Real Estate Agents Succeed
The power of the World Wide Web is now as portable as a pocket watch, and this is changing the way real estate is bought and sold. How can you keep up? Here are a number of tools that may help you become a more productive and successful agent.

3. 5 Things That Should Not Be on Your Real Estate Website
When deciding what to add to your website, keep the user in mind. Ask yourself this one simple question: What are their real estate needs and how is adding this particular piece of content going to meet those needs?

4. The Hottest Tech of 2014
NAR REach's class of 2014 debuted at NAR Midyear this month. Meet the 8 companies who are on deck to shake up the real estate tech scene this year!

5. 3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Mac
The most important factor in maintaining any computer and keeping it running efficiently is proper maintenance. Fortunately, Mac computers are very easy to maintain and keep organized since everything is stored under a central user library. Here are three easy tips to get optimal performance from your Mac.

6. Krisstina Wise: The Birth of a Brand
Krisstina Wise is the powerhouse behind GoodLife Realty, a brokerage that has redefined tech savvy and company culture. But you probably haven't seen much of Krisstina in the last year ... because she almost died. What could have been the end of her career (and possibly her life) actually became the start of something wonderful.

7. Hey! Those are my photos...
As a real estate professional you invest a considerable amount of time and money marketing a property, often including investing in a professional photographer. The listing content is your intellectual property. However, most publishers' Terms of Use state that once the listing information is submitted to their website, they own your data. What's an agent to do?

8. Do Luxury Clients Prefer iPhones?
A new study shows that iPhones dominate in more affluent areas. That got us thinking--what else do luxury consumers prefer and which are the best channels to reach them? It's (surprise!) not what you'd think.

9. How Agents Should Use Their iPad
If you are over 40 (like 85% of today's real estate sales associates), the iPhone is not a tool that could be considered for productivity. It is a stop-gap that lets you get critical things done until you can get to your computer and go back to work. Don't get me wrong, everyone who has an iPhone is in love with it, but the iPad is better for mobile work.

10. Before You Cut And Paste Something Into Your Newsletter...
When you see a photo or article online, that would interest your clients, it's tempting to cut and paste it into your newsletter or website. Just because something doesn't have a © next to it doesn't mean it's not copyrighted. To keep yourself out of legal trouble, assume everything you see online is copyrighted. Here are tips on how to protect yourself.