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Top 10 Articles from April

May 01 2014

iStock 000006172469XSmallSpring selling season is underway--a fact underscored by our list of last month's most popular articles. In April, articles on open houses, home improvements, all varieties of marketing and preparing homes and clients for real estate's busiest time of year were all the rage.

Here's a look at what else captured the attention of agents and brokers.

1. Home Improvements: Make them Count! - by Kristen Hernandez
Have you ever sat with a client who asked you what their remodeled bathroom is worth? Clients want to get the most for their house, and who can blame them? For most homeowners, every penny counts. And as a REALTOR®, you want to provide them with accurate information to make these decisions. Here's how.

2. Common Real Estate Myths for Home Sellers - by Geneva Ives
Whether someone is selling a home for the first time or the fifth, these real estate myths can lead to major gaffes that cost sellers money. How many of these sound familiar to you?

3. 5 People You Will Meet at Your Next Open House - by Katie Weismiller
When planning an open house, attracting visitors is the first step to find the perfect buyer for your listing. Despite your best efforts, not all open house visitors arrive with the intention of purchasing a home. Here are the five types of people you may meet at your open houses and tips on how you can turn these browsers into potential buyers.

4. How to Banish "Fluff" from Your Real Estate Marketingby Kelly J. Phelan
Are you guilty of any of these "keep-in-touch" clichés in your real estate marketing? Refrigerator magnets, recipes of the week, articles like "How to Pack" and "Improve Your Curb Appeal." What's wrong with these? you may wonder. Plenty.

5. Create the Perfect Real Estate Video with Your iPadby Jared Daniel
Agents who do not use the all-in-one studio applications of the iPad are essentially buying a Porsche and leaving it in the driveway, using it just to listen to the radio. Eighty-five percent of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, making videos an essential part of any marketing plan.

6. 4 Quick Ideas for Generating Leads with Facebookby Scott Pierce
For some years now, Facebook has been all the rage, but the buzz seems to be dying down a bit. What are we left with when the buzz is gone? Does Facebook actually have any lead generation value? Absolutely. Here are some ideas.

7. 4 Ways to Be the ONE Agent That a Potential Seller Contactsby RE Technology Staff
Two-thirds of sellers contact only one agent when they're looking to sell their home and 85% contact only two agents. So what can you do to be the "one" agent they contact when they sell? In this market with so little inventory available today, this is a VERY important question to address as an agent.

8. Buyer Feedback is Essential: 6 Questions to Askby Jessica Maria
Buyer feedback is essential. It helps you to know what you're doing right and what you need to change or improve. Make a habit of asking other agents and open house visitors several questions. Here are six to get you started.

9. 3 Questions about Becoming a Neighborhood Expertby Emily Williams
You've heard before that you should establish yourself as the "Neighborhood Expert." But what does this really mean? Why should you do it? And, more importantly, how do you do it? Let's answer these questions.

10. Doing it Right: Video Marketingby Emily Williams
Video can help you win more listings and sell listings more quickly. With something that valuable hanging in the balance, I don't think too much can be said on the subject. Here are four important points I think need to be made about video marketing.