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What’s the Deal With Landing Pages?

April 29 2014

landingpages tribusAs a real estate agent, home buyers are coming to you as the end-all-be-all source of information on a specific area. Okay, not exactly, but what if you served as a person with endless knowledge of a city, county, region or state?

First-time home buyers and buyers from out-of-state are carefully planning the best neighborhood to find a home that will suit their lifestyle, personality, budget and future goals. It's your job to provide them with enough useful information so they can rest easy knowing they've made the correct decision.

This is where landing pages can benefit you, the real estate agent, greatly. Landing pages or community pages give potential leads the ins and outs of a community. This can include the average cost of living, annual events, walkability score, community amenities, job market conditions, proximity to major metropolitan areas, parks and recreation information, and more.

Why should I have landing pages?

Not only do landing pages show that you are the expert, they help to improve search engine rankings. Landing pages allow you to create keyword-focused content that can easily be linked to other pieces of content on your page, such as blog posts.

Landing pages allow you to capture leads with compelling copy, which should be supplemented with a call-to-action and an option for visitors to offer you some personal information regarding their home search.

Landing page must-haves

  • Keyword-focused headline: Straightforward and to-the-point so readers know exactly what they are going to find.
  • Well-written, unique content: Copying Wikipedia's description of a community could have you flagged by Google.
  • Focused topic: Get down to the nitty gritty details of a city or neighborhood.
  • Easily digestible content: Bulky paragraphs deter readers — breaking up content makes it easy for readers to find the exact information they are seeking.
  • Inbound links: Have a blog post regarding the real estate market in a specific neighborhood? Leading clients to a landing page that is an overview of that neighborhood gives them even more information.

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