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What You Need to Know About Keeping in Touch

April 24 2014

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The task of staying in touch with your real estate database always generates the question of "How often should I contact them?" The challenge for many real estate sales reps is that, "I don't want to be pushy but at the same time, I do want them to think of me when my services are needed." The best way to answer the frequency question is to consider this thought...

"Do I lose more business by over-contacting them or do I lose more business by not contacting them enough?"

Almost 100% of the time the answer I hear is, "I lose more business by not contacting them enough." The trick is to find that fine balance. What is too much and what is too little? How frequent is too often and how frequent is not often enough?

A Simple Formula to Follow:

  1. Personal contact (by phone or face-to-face) should be no more than 90 days apart
  2. Surface mail (real estate newsletters and market updates) should also be no more than 60-90 days apart
  3. E-mail (including information on recent listings) can be done every 30 days
  4. For those AAA clients who send you business all the time, be sure to stay in touch personally every 30 days

The above approach will give you that "fine balance" you are looking for. Think of it this way--what you offer your existing and potential clients is good service and good products. If you don't stay in touch with them on an ongoing basis, then you are not doing your job.

Here's a great mindset to take on: "If they don't work with me, then chances are they will end up working with someone who will not give them the best. They won't get everything I have to offer."

Based on that approach, it is critical that you schedule your follow-up and stick to it, right? Make sure you have a real estate contact management system in place that automatically reminds you when your next contact is due. Keep it simple.

One final thought--you are never going to keep everyone happy. The percent of prospects you might lose by over-contacting (in their minds, at least) will always be less than the group you will attract because you took the time to stay in touch. Do it often and do it professionally and you will always win – they will too!

NO Excuses.

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