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ActiveRain Has Moved: Why You Should Care

April 09 2014

activerain truliaBlogging is a real estate strategy that started around 2004 and picked up steam in 2006. Rather than agents purchasing blog frameworks and having custom blog sites built, many choose to join real estate specific blog networks like ActiveRain.

ActiveRain was aligned for a short time with MOVE, operators of, which led to a lawsuit. After that, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Market Leader. When Trulia completed the acquisition for Market Leader, ActiveRain came along with it.

Today, Trulia announced that ActiveRain is now being rolled under the Trulia domain name as a subdomain – This is good news for a variety of reasons.

First, one of the benefits of blogging is search engine optimization. It is very difficult for agents to get good SEO that allows consumers to visit their website. ActiveRain helps with that. You will find that a post on ActiveRain is often ranked higher than the same post on an agent’s website or blog. That is the benefit of being a blog of blogs – all of the agents in the ActiveRain network help each other out by blogging under the same network. Combining the excellent SEO of ActiveRain with the SEO power of Trulia will benefit both sites.

Secondly, Trulia will see an immediate increase in traffic. When I looked a few years ago, ActiveRain was getting more than 500,000 visits a month. This is a combination of agent visits and consumer visits. Moreover, an ActiveRain blog is now connected to the 35 million consumers that visit that site every day. That should result in more traffic to agent blog sites on the ActiveRain network.

If you have an old ActiveRain account like me, it is a good idea to update it. My photo was missing from my profile. Also, when I set up my profile five years ago, I don't think that social media was a big deal because none of my social profiles were on the site. Google Plus was not even in existence then.

ActiveRain is a professional social network for real estate professionals with over 256,222 members. It is one of the world's largest storehouse of real estate knowledge with over 4 million blog posts on all things real estate. Members can share best practices, learn from others success, and get free training through ActiveRain University.