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Keep Your Eye On Data Privacy!

January 30 2011

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I've been in the data privacy and information security business for more than 20 years and there sure have been a lot of changes. I have really seen this industry grow up, particularly in the last nine years since I founded Privacy Solutions. Now privacy has its own official day- January 28th is International Data Privacy Day.

To commemorate the day in true Privacy Guru® style, here are four easy things you can do which will do wonders to help protect you, your family and your business. If you want, you can even let me know you’ve done them by posting “Done” on the Privacy Solutions Facebook page.

Remember, privacy is not a right; it is an ethical imperative we need to defend. We need to stay aware and alert in order to assure our freedom.


  • Change your passwords regularly. If you haven’t done it lately, do it today to help protect yourself from cyber-crimes. Check out our Personal Privacy Solutions article for more tips.

Prior to February 14th:

Prior to March 1st:

  • Check your public medical information report. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a central database of medical information of approximately 15 million Americans and Canadians. Haven’t heard of it? Check out our Medical Record Privacy article for more information. The MIB does not have a file on everyone. But if you have an MIB file, you will want to be sure it is correct. You can obtain a free copy once a year by requesting it from their websiterequesting it from their website or by calling (866) 692-6901.

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Darity Wesley is CEO and Legal Counsel for Privacy Solutions, Inc. a San Diego based consulting firm. You can always reach Darity at [email protected] or 619-670-9462.

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