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Building Trust and Business with RPR®

March 18 2014

rpr garnett sailorWe have been publishing a series of case studies that profile actual real estate professionals using Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) to be more successful. The REALTOR® profiled in today's article is Garnett Sailor, a broker and investor from Arizona.

Busy Agent Summary

We understand that you're busy, so we're going to provide a quick summary here. In one minute or less, these are the things you can take away from Garnett's success with RPR®:

  • Use RPR® to familiarize yourself with an area you've never visited for investments or out-of-town clients.
  • Use RPR®'s star ratings to establish a level of confidence with the RVM®.
  • Use RPR® as a resource when creating a CMA. If the property has a four or five-star rating, aim to value the property within a few thousand dollars of the RVM®.
  • Use RPR® reports to guide pricing discussions when your sellers have a higher idea of a property's value than you do.

First Boots on the Ground

In addition to working as a real estate broker, Garnett also runs a note investing business. "Oftentimes, the notes I'm considering are for properties in areas I've never visited," he says. "When that's the case, RPR® is my first – and only – 'boots on the ground.' I've discovered that I can trust their data and reports completely in guiding my decisions about which properties to invest in."

Grading System

One of the reasons Garnett has such a high level of trust for RPR® is that they grade their own level of certainty in the RVM® with star ratings.

"If I see a four or five star rating for an RVM®, I know I don't need to do much more research. If there are fewer stars, I know I need to investigate something further. In my opinion, it's this ratings system that really sets RPR® apart," says Garnett. "You don't see that with any other resource. RPR® is honest with me, and that gives me an unequaled level of confidence."

CMA Creation Made Easy

RPR® is Garnett's primary resource when he's creating a CMA for a new seller client. "If I see a four or five star rating for a property's RVM®, I know what my target should be. If my CMA doesn't come within a few thousand dollars of the RVM®, I know I've used a comp I shouldn't have."

In fact, Garnett credits RPR® with making his valuations much more accurate. He says he's rarely more than $3,000 away from the ultimate appraised value. He also credits RPR® with assisting in discussions with sellers who think their home is valued too high. "If they think their property is worth more than you do," he says, "RPR® can help back you up. I would send them the same RPR® report that I would send to an investor and say 'I'm sorry we disagreed on the listing price, but here's a report from a neutral third party with accurate MLS data.'"

He thinks RPR® reports may be a little too information-intensive for an initial listing presentation, however. He explains, "At that initial meeting, they just want a general idea of what you think their home is worth and a feeling about whether or not you're the right person to sell it. The report is something you can use to assist in later discussions."

About Garnett Sailor

rpr garnett quail runGarnett has worked with and for the public since age five, starting with a cash register at his grandfather's grocery store. At 10, Garnett began selling electronics for his step-father. At 17, the police chief tapped him to command the new cadet program. Garnett worked nights stocking grocery shelves. He won a full scholarship to Stephens College, studying business, science, music, and theater. After graduating, Garnett negotiated and leased land for numerous oil companies across the United States.

Garnett went to law school in Los Angeles and worked for the world's largest litigation firm. (Garnett is NOT a lawyer, and he does not play one on TV.) He is also a voiceover actor for the last 27 years. In August 2010, he and his wife, Beth, established Quail Run Realty™. Garnett is proud to be Beth's husband and Vanessa's dad. Garnett and family have been members of the Chamber since 2007.

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