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Shakes Hands with Lead Generation Tools!

February 18 2010

HomeGainvendorspotlightAs consumers began to migrate to the internet for real estate information, new companies emerged to facilitate connections between online consumers and agents and brokers. One of the first and longest lasting companies to make these connections is HomeGain, founded in 1999 by Brad Inman, who at the time was focused on competing with® with their home valuation tool.

Today, Homegain offers four Online Marketing Solutions to the real estate industry.




1.) AgentView – With AgentView, agents can rent a business territory whereby they will receive all leads that Homegain generates from their website for that area. With AgentView, you become the representative for that zip code(s) and are responsible for delivering CMAs, answering consumer questions. If you want customers to contact you, this product may be a consideration.

2.) AgentEvaluator – With AgentEvaluator, you are presented to consumers who are specifically looking to find an agent, not just get information. You complete your profile on the HomeGain site and they maket you to consumers at There is a small fee for them to advertise you on the site and they share in your commission when you close a transaction from a HomeGain referral.

3.) BuyerLink – want to increase traffic to your website? There are many ways to do that, but traffic volume is not the goal traffic quality is the goal. HomeGain developed BuyerlLink as a product that delivers the maximum number of visitors to your website based upon your monthly budget. You do not need to be an expert in online advertising; HomeGain does all of the work with you. They acquire the traffic at volume discounts from more than 300 websites and search engines, and resell it to you.

4.) AIMS – AIMS stands for Advanced Internet Marketing Solution. If you are not into websites, blogs, and online marketing, but would like to focus specifically on selling, AIMS may be right for you. HomeGain will send you 20 exclusive buyer leads per month. You service them the way you would service any customer today. HomeGain provides the website, with property search from your MLS and everything else you need. Your job is to convert the customers in to sales.

Click here to visit the HomeGain page on to learn more about the company and its products and get their phone number!