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Missed the Boat: Six Sad Reasons Most Agents Fail

January 21 2011

checkin bell 200pxI just read an article in an online real estate publication entitled "Six Sad Reasons Most Agents Fail" written by Laura Duggan. Here are her six reasons...

  1. They don't know their numbers.
  2. They focus on the buyers instead of the sellers.
  3. They don't prospect consistently.
  4. They fail to hire staff.
  5. They fail to implement systems.
  6. They don't write a business plan.

This article triggered a whole bunch of feedback from online readers. By and large, the feedback was fast and furious about how her perspective on buyers vs. sellers is somewhat out of date. I found the whole discussion fascinating, mostly because the entire discussion missed the most significant reason that agents fail: they allow themselves to fall into a mental trap of mediocrity. Agents don't fail because they take the 'wrong course of action'. Agents fail because they take NO action with respect to getting their heads in the game, and they subsequently fall prey to all the common threats of their profession.

Rather than spending some time each day building up their mental stamina and their emotional resilience, they listen to the news to find out just how bad the economy is. They pay attention to the competition, and count the infinite ways that they are cheating. They listen to the office chatter about all the complications of closing a deal and walk away deflated even before they get started on DOING anything.

Success is a mind game. Those that master it, win. Why? Because they are better able to deal with the blows that come their way, and are not in the least bit phased by the little distractions that pull their attention away from their goal.

So how does one build up their mind muscle and create the kind of mental focus that results in success no matter what the activity? Surprisingly, keeping a daily journal does the trick. A personal journal helps you unload stress, worries, frustrations and fears, while simultaneously helping you place your attention on your goals, dreams and desires. What you focus on grows. It's as simple as that. A journal enables you to focus on what you want rather than on what you don't. This requires practice, and journaling daily builds the mind muscle that keeps you focused on your success.

Here are a few tricks to powerful journaling:

1. Dump, Dump and then Dump the Dump. Use your journal to vent and describe everything is that is bothering you. Unload completely. When you are done, make a concerted to "turn yourself around" by writing about what you'd like to see in your life instead.

2. Sign up for web-based journaling prompts. There are online programs that provide powerful journaling questions that enable you to consider and eliminate all the 'stuff' that holds you back from great success, while helping you to build your confidence and sense of accomplishment.

3. Consider journaling with others. Online journaling communities can provide a critical eye and keep you on track when your mindset is falling off the rails. At the same time, the support and warmth from the community can really make it feel like you can accomplish anything.

4. Think about working with a mindset coach who can read your journals and expedite the process of getting your head in the game. The faster you can clean up the weariness in the way you think and feel, the faster you can begin to produce results.

Many ultra successful people have leaned on journaling to sustain their achievements. Here are a few of them: Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Woolf, Lewis Carroll, Jim Rohn, Glenn Beck, George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman, and Samuel Pepys. Wouldn't you like to have your name up there too?

The following article was written by Kim Ades, of Frame of Mind Coaching.

About Kim Ades

Kim Ades, MBA, President of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngineā„¢ Software is one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought management. By using her unique process of coaching through journaling, she works with hundreds of clients yearly to unveil and switch their thought patterns to ignite significant change and life transformation. She is now teaching this process to coaches all over the world for use with their clients.

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