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Product Review: Team Phone

February 04 2014

voicepadVoicePad has become an established leader for mobile property marketing. Always looking for new ways to serve the real estate community, they recently rolled-out a new product offering crafted specifically for real estate teams. Team Phone is a cloud-based phone system that was built with the goal of allowing teams to be more productive and more responsive to consumers' needs. The system, which is integrated with listing data, delivers automated property information, generates leads and automates many business processes. It requires no hardware or software and works with all mobile devices.

Meet VoicePad

If you're unfamiliar with the concept behind VoicePad, a basic introduction may help. They offer real estate professionals an integrated mobile property marketing platform that includes: call capture (with auto-recorded audio presentations), text (to receive property information via text with links to mobile Web) and mobile Web (mobile websites featuring virtual tours, photos, interactive maps, and online searches). VoicePad currently services over 1500 offices with over 65,000 agents in approximately 200 MLSs.

The goal of VoicePad's mobile marketing strategies is, of course, lead generation. And VoicePad is taking their lead generation to the next level . . . but I'm getting ahead of myself; we'll talk about that next week. Now, let's talk about Team Phone.

A Star is Born

The concept for Team Phone was developed after talking with real estate professionals at trade shows and conferences, as well as in response to customer requests. Larger teams wanted to be able to manage their own leads and route them as if, in a way, they were their own autonomous brokerage. They wanted to leverage MLS data for property search, but didn't want to be limited to a brokerage-wide business structure. They also wanted to receive their own inquiries and generate their own leads. Team Phone was developed to allow these teams to efficiently and independently operate their business from a single phone system, to route calls to individual agents' cell phones; or to provide automated property information, depending on the consumer's needs.

"Agents gravitate toward teams to get themselves to the next level," says Jim Metz, VoicePad national sales manager "But, in order to be profitable, they need to be centralized, automated and always available.. By using an MLS-driven phone system as the hub, you can establish your team as an autonomous, highly-efficient group."

Nuts and Bolts

So, what will teams get for their investment in Team Phone? Here are the basics.

  • A local phone number. If you already have an existing phone number, you can port it. If you establish a new phone number with VoicePad, you can keep it should you ever choose to discontinue VoicePad services. There are no per-minute phone charges for this team phone number.
  • IDX property information. Consumers have several options for obtaining property info on any listing in the market. They can call the team phone number to listen to a property's' audio recording. Additionally, they can text the street number to the team phone number to receive property information and a link to the Team's branded IDX mobile site.
  • GPS mobile site. Visitors to your mobile website can access IDX property information (updated multiple times a day), create an account to save favorite properties, call or text you directly, and more. VoicePad's IDX mobile sites feature narrated tours for each property (English and Spanish). VoicePad is also able to capture the identity of site visitors through integration with its call and text platform.
  • Audio property presentations. Audio property recordings are available on for all residential properties in the market on the phone system as well as on the mobile site. They are generated automatically in both English and Spanish and require no agent recording. VoicePad maps MLS data to voice files to create high-quality presentations that mimic normal conversation.
  • Actionable lead generation. The caller ID and – if available – name of each lead is sent to you immediately when consumers call or text your team phone number. When they subsequently visit your VoicePad mobile site, the consumer's contact information is then associated with every page visited on your site. Your team can choose to route all leads via round robin, by property, by agent, or by zip code.
  • Call routing with simultaneous ring. The best way to convert a lead is to respond immediately. When a home buyer wants to speak to you directly, VoicePad can ring multiple phone numbers at the same time to be sure that someone picks up right away and keeps that lead hot.
  • Phone tree with team directory, branded payment calculator and options for customization.
  • Voicemail and fax delivery. Agents can listen to voicemails and view their received faxes on any Smartphone no matter where they are. The same phone number accepts Team faxes as well.

Next Steps

Ready to generate leads with mobile marketing? Here are your next steps:

Have you tried VoicePad's solutions for mobile marketing? Tell us what you think in our comments section.