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Get Reacquainted with Cloud CMA

January 26 2014

If a product is popular, you'll hear it talked about often – in articles, on social media, and among your friends. Such is certainly the case with Cloud CMA. It's easy to assume that, because you hear about it often, you know everything you need to know. The truth, however, is that this is a powerful tool, with substantive functionality to offer, and it deserves a closer look.

The Goal Remains the Same

At Cloud CMA, their goal is to "make you look awesome in front of your clients." If this sounds familiar, that's because it has been at the core of what they do from the beginning. The reports you print directly from the MLS are stale, say the folks at Cloud CMA, and don't offer any opportunity for your unique branding. Their solution was built to fix this problem.

Although Cloud CMA reports are much more aesthetically pleasing than what you'd get printing straight from the MLS system, they are populated by MLS data. They also incorporate data from other sources like Walk Score, Yelp, and Users can also add to what comes from the MLS, such as additional photographs.

Cloud CMA is a cloud-based tool, so there's no software installation required. It works on Mac or PC operating systems and all major browsers. You can use Cloud CMA on your mobile device or create a report on your smartphone simply by sending an email with a property's address. Mobile functionality doesn't end there. The CMA report can be presented on an iPad or other tablet.


There are several reports that can be created with Cloud CMA: Flyers, CMAs, Buyer Tour and Property Reports. In fact, the flexibility in adjusting and creating different headlines for the reports allows you to create essentially any kind of report you'd like for buyer or seller clients.

The reports feature a variety of themes to match your personal, brokerage, or franchise branding. Layouts and fonts also offer options for personalization. Some reports, such as the Buyer Tour and CMA can be published in Spanish as well as English.

Take a look at an example of each report:

  • CMA
  • Buyer Tour
  • Property Report
  • FlyerFlyer

Next Steps

Our earlier product review of Cloud CMA is definitely worth a read and delves more completely into the specific reports. That's a great place to get started. Next, you can: