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Product Review: zipForm® Plus

January 21 2014

Have you heard about zipForm® Plus? It's the new web-based version of zipForm®, the flagship product of real estate forms pioneer zipLogix. zipForm® Plus takes all the functionality that users are accustomed to and wraps it in a new, more attractive package.

The updates are more than just superficial, though. zipForm® has always been a powerhouse of a solution--sometimes to an intimidating degree. zipForm® Plus' clean new interface makes navigating the program simpler, more efficient and, yes, more enjoyable for the end user.

Here a quick rundown of what's new in zipForm® Plus:

  • 100% browser based - no plug-ins or software installation required
  • Ability to personalize files and emails
  • Full screen form-filling capability
  • Real-time search
  • Integration with third party real estate applications (for the most up-to-date information, click hereclick here)
  • zipVault integrated document storage
  • Advanced search capabilities with real time results
  • Feedback link for instant suggestions

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Change Meets Consistency

Before we talk more in depth about what's changed in zipForm® Plus, let's take a moment to explore what hasn't changed. While updates are critical in order for any solution to remain relevant, too much change can be jarring to users. zipLogix® has struck a happy medium, by ensuring that:

  • Users have access to the same familiar features, functions, and shortcuts as zipForm® 6
  • Existing transaction files, templates, clauses, and contacts transfer automatically from zipForm® 6 Professional
  • zipForm® Mobile Web Edition and other add-ons are transferred automatically

Redefining the User Experience

The user experience is exactly what zipLogix has improved with zipForm® Plus. They began by removing the need for third party browser plug-ins. By rebuilding zipForm® with HTML5, zipLogix has eliminated the use of Java and its accompanying browser crashes.

If you think that this attention to detail is a good sign, you'd be right. zipForm®'s entire online workspace has also been redesigned in order to increase efficiency. The form viewer has received an overhaul, forms load faster, and all tools are now easily accessible. Creating a transaction in zipForm® Plus is now much simpler.

Other improvements to zipForm® include:

  • Integrated Storage - By integrating the zipVault® interface with zipForm Plus®, users are now able to view stored files with transaction forms in one list for a more cohesive experience.
  • Improved Search - Transactions, contacts, and forms are now all equipped with a search bar. Search function has been improved, too. Results appear in real time as you type, similar to Google's search functionality.
  • Email Signatures - Emails sent from zipForm® Plus now have the option to include an email signature. Users can customize their signature with formatted text, images, and links.
  • Photo Customization - Add photos of your contacts to provide a visual reference throughout the transaction process. Photos also improve user navigation of the address book.
  • E-Signature Integration - Integrated signature solutions are now completely embedded within zipForm Plus. E-signature subscribers now send documents, modify signatures, add documents, and check signature status without leaving the program.
  • Parties and Property Tabs – Users can enter basic information for an entire transaction before adding forms. Once saved, this data will be auto-populate into forms as they are added. Realtors can also use MLS Connect to import property information, where available.
  • Address Book - Contact information from the zipForm Address Book can now be imported for quicker data entry. Transaction participants may also be easily added to the Address Book, located in the Parties Tab. All contacts may be imported from CSV or V-Card files.

Training and Support

Feel like you need a little extra help getting up and running with zipForm® Plus? zipLogix® offers multiple options for learning more about their products, including:

Next Steps

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