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Life Will be Mundane Without this Key Ingredient

January 10 2011

We all get those email forwards that are supposed to inspire us.  Some of us believe email forwards are annoying and delete it without thinking twice.  Others continue the pattern and send it on to all of their friends.  No matter which side you are on, sometimes one or two slip through the cracks and stand out to you.  This one did for me.

An exercise in perspective is always refreshing.  The email I received simply added tag lines to several images. Here are the images without the headlines.  What do you think?

stay out of trouble

reach greater heightsstay focused on your job

exercise to maintain good healthpractice team workrely on partner to watch your back

save for rainy daysrest and relaxtake time to smile

nothing is impossibleNow with we add in some positive perspective, these pictures take on new significance.

Here are the 10 tips for the New Year (as seen in an email forward).

1.) Stay out of trouble

stay out of trouble

2.) Aim for greater heights

reach greater heights

3.) Stay focused on your job
stay focused on your job

4.) Excersize to maintain good health

exercise to maintain good health

5.) Practice team work
practice team work

6.) Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back
rely on partner to watch your back

7.) Save for rainy days
save for rainy days

8.) Take time for some R&R (Rest and Relaxation)
rest and relax

9.) Always take time to smile
take time to smile

10.) Remember that nothing is impossible

nothing is impossible

Life is all about pulling the meaning out of what you experience and see during your day, week, year... in your relationships, workplace and vacation... when you are happy, when you are stressed and when you are content. 

What new perspective can you shed on today?