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Agents as Liaison between Client and Contract

December 22 2013

200px handshakeSo many real estate processes have been digitized and automated – it's understandable that many professionals and consumers are afraid that the personal element of real estate is getting lost in the shuffle. You, the real estate agent, have the power to be the solution to this problem. You can demonstrate that technology will enhance personal connections rather than diluting them.

Real estate agents have to have two very distinct, often contradicting skill sets. You need to understand the nuts and bolts of impersonal legal documents, but also have a warm and appealing interpersonal style. Technology shouldn't further separate these two sides of your personality. Instead, it should be used to draw them together.

Contracts are where this fusion can really be seen. They are notoriously confusing to a layperson, so your buyers or sellers need your support in making sense of them. It's a perfect opportunity to enlighten rather than push-away your client – and technology can help.

"There's no replacement for responding to your clients' questions or concerns," says Greg Robertson of Cloud CMA. "But there are ways that technology can be used to enhance and support this response. Cloud CMA was built with this in mind. Reports are approachable for the agent's consumer."

For example, at your listing presentations, your job is to establish yourself as a professional, determine a list price, and get the listing contract signed. A tool like Cloud CMA helps you do just that by making it easy to create reports and communicate with the client.

What about electronic signatures? If the signing process is digital, you may not be physically able to hold your client's hand. So, how can you provide the handholding support they need? The key is to be available. Make sure your client can get in touch with you if they're feeling nervous, stressed, or confused. Thanks to mobile technology, you can be available via phone, text message, or email, no matter where you are.

In a time when more consumers are starting to question the value of an agent, this is an opportunity to prove your importance. You are the keeper of knowledge, an expert in real estate language and legality. If you allow technology to support you in this role, and make an effort to be available to your client, you are taking an important step in gaining rave reviews and repeat business.