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Fear and Loathing in Social Media

December 17 2010

social rainbow around globeSo many people are afraid of social media, or love to say how much they dislike it in the real estate industry. I ask – have they really even checked it out? There are so many great places online for a real estate agent to begin to use social media and understand how to use it.

From free webinars, blog talk radio, websites, and much more to give you overviews and basic information to the membership based sites that provide you will truly substantial instruction that can result in incredible lead generation. Knowing where to find the tools and resources is half the battle.


Start by using Google, searching for real estate in your local market, seeing what other agents are doing. Reading their blogs is also a great way to start your exploration. Checking YouTube for videos and training is also a great place to go, I often find Tom Ferry videos very useful, or even using RAW as your resource. Beyond that you can search on for great information.

A few great resources:

  1. One of the most enjoyable places to explore technology and information these days is The team there provides you with some amazing info, insights and training. I love it when I have a chance to brainstorm with Chris Smith or Steve Pacinelli, they are amazing guys.
  2. is wonderful too! This is a membership based site, but many MLS services are offering it. They have access to product reviews and information, you can share you experiences, or read the columns.
  3. – We are an emerging resource and just WAIT till you see what we have planned for you in 2011.
  4. is a wonderful resource for everything technology and social media. Keep up to date and track the latest information.



Don’t be afraid to try new things. There is no right or wrong way to do anything really, it is what and how things work for you as an individual which is far more important. So get out there and test the waters!

You can find success in social media for real estate, you have no reason to listen to those that fear and loathe it.

What do you think?