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A Look at WebsiteBox's New Lead Capture App

September 08 2013

crm keyboardImagine knowing exactly what your clients are searching for on your website--what types of properties, neighborhoods, and in what price range. With access to data like this, agents could greatly streamline their buyers' home search process by recommending the properties that best match their needs. Clients would appreciate your insight, and you'd appreciate the time saved by showing only relevant homes.

WebsiteBox recently released a new add-on to their popular $99 websites that gives agents to access to this very information. By integrating with WebsiteBox's built-in CRM, the Lead Capture App provides analytics on search frequency, price range, listing type, neighborhood, and more for each user registered to your site.

A One-Two Punch for Capturing and Retaining Leads

The data is just the tip of the iceberg, though. The App's real draw is the slick new interface home searchers have access to once they register to your site. Users can save searches, make notes on properties that interest them, and message you directly from your website. This effectively makes your site home base for their entire home search experience!

Of course, consumers won't have access to these features unless they register. True to its name, the Lead Capture App is designed to entice visitors into registering by allowing you to limit the information they have access to until they sign up.

By combining forced registration with a new client interface, WebsiteBox is handing real estate pros a potent way to capture and convert website visitors. Read on to learn more about these features in depth.

Forced Registration

Forced registration is a tricky tool to use successfully. A huge number of web visitors simply leave a site when confronted with a registration roadblock. Agents must strike a delicate balance when implementing registration requirements. Require registration too early during the search experience and users are likely to go elsewhere. On the other hand, offering too much functionality will result in many users never signing up at all!

Fortunately, the Lead Capture App offers agents multiple points for forcing registration. Agents can choose the option that's best for their site:

  • Force visitor registration before searching for properties
  • Force registration before viewing property details
  • Require visitor sign up before leaving notes or saving properties

Personally, we think the third option best strikes that delicate balance we mentioned before, but that's for each agent to evaluate and decide for themselves. (For more on this issue, see our article Forced Registration: the Problem and the Solution.)

Whatever option you go with, we're glad to see that WebsiteBox has made the registration process as painless as possible. By allowing visitors to sign-up via their favorite social media account, the App makes registration super quick and eliminates the hassle of creating and remembering yet another user name and password.

webbox capture app social

A Platform for Client Communication

Once visitors become bonafide users of your site, their account grants them the ability to save properties, make notes, and interact with you. Remember all the user search data we mentioned at the beginning of this article? The site starts logging that information the instant a visitor signs up.

It's the collaborative aspect that is most powerful, though. Clients can ask you questions, request showings, share documents, and more without ever leaving your website. In turn, you can recommend properties based on the search analytics the App gives you access to. Here's a more thorough rundown of the App's capabilities:

  • Create detailed client profiles and keep all their info in one place
  • Create client related notes and tasks, set up alerts, and share listings
  • Get detailed location info
  • Find out how many times users have logged into your website
  • Get detailed analytics on the price range of homes clients are looking at and more
  • Social media integration lets you see what users are posting on Facebook and Twitter right from your website

webbox capture app interface

WebsiteBox's Lead Capture App transforms your website into a collaborative tool between agent and client. By providing insights into user behavior, it lets you be a savvy guide who can help buyers find the home of their dreams.

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