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20 DO NOTs to avoid for an Awesome Real Estate Listing Presentation

September 01 2013

This is the third post in a series of articles from TouchCMA that offers a total of 56 tips for better listing presentations. This post lists 20 DO NOTs. For 36 DOs, read articles one and two.

The Don'ts

house agent37. Don't show up late. Make a great impression and show up a few minutes early. You should treat it like a job interview–after all, it is!

38. Don't carry strong smells on your person. Pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, alcohol, strong cologne or perfume, garlic–these can be immediate turn-offs and make up someone's mind before you even have a chance to speak.

39. Don't neglect your homework. Know the seller's motivations for their life change, the general condition of their home and how much work they are willing to do to get their house ready for the market.

40. Don't overlook the seller's financial situation. Finances are a touchy subject, so you may not want to ask directly, but infer what you can from what they say.

41. Don't treat the real estate listing appointment too casually. Take your clients (or prospective clients) seriously!

42. Don't try to hard-sell yourself in an area you know little about. Keep a list of experts you trust and refer your clients to them if you aren't sure of an answer.

43. Don't display architectural ignorancearchitectural ignorance. If you aren't familiar with the type of home your clients have, do a little reading beforehand.

44. Don't move too quickly through your presentation. Speak slowly and clearlyslowly and clearly and stop for questions.

45. Don't forget to tailor your presentation to the specific audience. You may have a standard set of marketing materials, but some may not be appropriate for every situation.

46. Don't talk more than you listen.

47. Don't ignore anyone at the presentation. When a couple or family is present, it isn't always easy to tell who the real decision maker is, so it is best to assume that if they are at the listing presentation, they have some weight in the final decision. Address the needs of all present.

48. Don't ignore the client's pet(s). If you are uncomfortable with an animal, politely request that it be removed from the room, but otherwise be friendly.

49. Don't be ignorant of the surrounding neighborhoods.

50. Don't forget to explain your personal system of success. Be up front with how you market and negotiate.

51. Don't appear disorganized.

52. Don't fail to recommend improvements that you truly believe would raise the home's value.

53. Don't let your cell phone interrupt the conversation.

54. Don't bring a bad mood to a meeting.

55. Don't overlook the power of mirroringmirroring.

56. Don't forget to thank the sellers for their time and for allowing you in their home.

The tips on this list are meant to be a reminder and a set of guidelines–not every suggestion will apply to every situation, and you may have your own protocol for winning listings. What do you do to ensure your prospects become signed clients? Share your tips in the comments below.

Good luck on your presentations!

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