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18 More Tips for an Awesome Real Estate Listing Presentation

August 27 2013

This is the second post in a series of articles from TouchCMA that offers a total of 56 tips for better listing presentations. Read the first article here.

business womanStand Out from the Competition

19. Never speak ill of your competition. Talk respectfully about your fellow agents, and you're more likely to receive the same courtesy in return.

20. Provide the same high level of service, no matter the value of your client's property.

21. Encourage sellers to interview multiple agents to ensure they are working with the right person.

22. Never put pressure on potential clients. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, but pestering will not win you business.

23. Be informative without being aggressive or pushy.

24. Be honest. Share the good and the bad and be constructive with your advice, but don't sugarcoat the situation.

25. Dress well and appropriately for the client and situation. For example, if you are meeting at a coffee shop, you may dress more casuallydress more casually than if you are meeting over dinner on the waterfrontdinner on the waterfront.

26. Smile and make eye contact. It will increase your likeability and make you seem more accessible.

27. Speak clearly and with confidence.

Following Up

28. Always follow up with a personal notepersonal note. Don't use a form letter. Try to send a handwritten note if you can.

29. With their permission, add the potential client to your mailing lists so you can keep in contact with them even if they choose a different agent or decide to wait to list their property.

30. Send potential clients a monthly update via email–whether a newsletter, statistics or just some helpful information they can use. When they are ready to sell, your name will be stuck in their minds.

31. Send a small, thoughtful giftSend a small, thoughtful gift, and personalize it if you can, to show you are willing to go above and beyond what is expected.

32. Follow the two-day rule: wait at least 48 hours after the presentation to follow up. Have a very specific question ready when you do follow up: "Are you ready to list your property?" or "What are your concerns about listing at this time?"

More Tips

33. When crafting marketing languagecrafting marketing language, try to avoid the word "sales" to describe yourself or your business. Unfortunately, the term "salesperson" is perceived to be dishonest in a marketing-heavy world. Instead, portray yourself as a trusted consultant, pledged to provide the highest quality service and reach the client's desired outcome.

34. Always focus on the prospect's needs as the foundation of your discussion. Demonstrate that you are the best person to represent them and show your understanding of their needs as your starting point.

35. Guide the prospect to the answers. Instead of reading off your slides or drawing your own conclusions, allow them to interject in what will feel like a "Eureka!" moment for them. If you can get a prospect to speak the key points you are trying to make, they will feel like they have arrived at the answer themselves and it will be stronger for that.

36. Keep the presentation focused on the client. Talk about yourself, but put it in the context of how you can help them.

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