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One Way an iPad Won't Replace a Newspaper...

December 03 2010

morning newspaperWho is that person in your life who lounges in their pajama's for hours, enjoying a good ol' cup of joe while crinkling through the local newspaper? Ah, those were the days!

Before newspapers people would have to wait for their neighborhood gossips to stop by and fill you in on the "happenings." 

Now, we are seeing a shift away from newspapers as the Internet, mobile devices and tablets start to take over.

In many ways tablets are superior to newspapers.  I will give you that they may not have the same romance about them as that morning coffee and newspaper reading, but in 15 years, it just may become a sentimental past time for techy people who have moved on to newer technology solutions.

Newsday did a great job hilariously articulating the superiority of the iPad (in this case) over the newspaper.  However, they did find one glitch in the system.

To view the original video, as published to YouTube, please click hereclick here.

Editor's note: Sentiment in the office is that Apple humor is always funny.  Disagree?  Send me a spoof about IBM, HP, Dell, Android or even Verizon and we will spread the "humor hate". It's all about equal opportunity.