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Proactive Propspecting in Real Estate

December 02 2010

standing on the targetThere are two schools of thought it seems in real estate when it comes to prospecting in social media. There is the “you can’t” camp, led by a coach who I won’t mention, and then there is the “you should” camp, which I would say most of the rest of the world fall into. I am often asked when I speak at events how I feel about prospecting, whether I do the traditional agent prospecting activities or if I only do the online activities. I do both.

Social media and technology are wonderful resources for building your business, and serving your clients, but it does not replace the classic age-old tried and true methods we have all been well schooled in. You still need to call your sphere, you still need to call expired, you still need to knock on doors, you still need to market, but how and where you do that marketing has evolved.

Less than 3% of real estate sales are generated from print advertising. So why would you spend your time there? Over 84% of consumers are searching for real estate online. Terrestrial or technology it doesn’t really make a difference, you have to do both. To find the harmony, to discover the synergy will then allow you to make it all happen.

You can’t just be on Facebook and think it will happen, if you think “I know social media” because you have a Facebook account then you aren’t giving your business the attention and development it deserves. You can’t just send out mailers and expect to build your business. In both those examples only taking one aspect of prospecting won’t get you the return you desire. You need to embrace more than one tool for success.

So if you can’t succeed with just one aspect of either method, why would you think you could succeed without adding social media prospecting to your arsenal? What’s holding you back?

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