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Stik: Authentic Reviews

July 24 2013

stik logoLets say you are in need of a product or service. Following the ZMOT conceptZMOT concept, which hopefully you have read, you do your due diligence and start researching your options online and stumble upon a few possible choices.

What drives your decision to one vendor or another? Chances are it's going to be the reviews and/or testimonials.

Testimonials are tricky these days. There are nefarious services that companies can pay to give them better reviews, which I obviously don't recommend, and consumers aren't so easily fooled anyway.

Not only is today's consumer looking for reviews, but the smart consumer is also evaluating the validity of these statements.

  • John H says "fantastic customer service!"
  • Peggy S says "best person for the job!"

A testimonial without substance like a full name, photo, or even possibly a linked social media account doesn't hold water anymore.

That is what drives the new, updated version of anonymous reviews, no phony recommendations! Each review is linked to a "real" live social media account, so your potential clients can see that you really do have raving fans and not just a creative mind!

tsa stik

Tech Savvy Agent reported on Stikreported on Stik several years ago when it was in its infancy stage. They went through a few growing pains while they were feeling out market, but they listened to customer feedback, and have come a long way since then.

Stik's clean interface and easy to use backend walks you through the steps you need to take to create a profile. Once completed, the profile should be added to your website, blog, Facebook Page, and even your email signature if you so desire. This provides an even greater opportunity to solicit reviews from your sphere.

Your potential clients make "hiring decisions" based around the concept of social proof. Stik allows you to ease their worries of making the right hire by showing them the proof of your professionalism.

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