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Newest Apps from Apple: iCall and iHangup!

November 19 2010

theres an app for that"There's an app for that!" Isn't there?

Oh yes, app developers around the world are creating mobile applications for almost anything. 

Personal favorites include:

1.) Pocket girlfriend- Show your friends pictures of a girl you haven't met, don't know anything about, and call her your girlfriend!  Works in the real world. Oh wait, who are we kidding? No it doesn't.

2.) Free Alarm Clock - Just in case the one that already came on your iPhone wasn't good enough, download another free one.

3.) Airport Sounds - Just when you start to miss the obnoxious hustle and bustle and heartless announcements of an airport...

4.) Cry Translator - Possibly my favorite. Parents of a presumably younger child can hold their phone up to their baby when he/she is crying, and the app translates the cry.  Possibly translations include: hungry, tired, wants a toy, needs a new diaper, or wants a pacifier. Oh, and then it gives "suggestions" as to what that parent is supposed to do in each case.

But that's not all.

Apple has been working hard on creating what they call a "game-changer" app. The iCall app.  Oh, and the complimentary app, iHangup. Seriously, there's even video proofvideo proof of this phenomena!

To view the original video, as posted to YouTube by Landline TV, click hereclick here.