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There is no Vacation in the words 'Real Estate'

June 24 2013

Today, RE Technology's resident social media guru and video blogger explains why taking time off from your social media accounts is a big no-no:

I don't see the word vacation in the words 'real estate' or 'social media' but a lot of agents are proclaiming they are taking "social media vacations" which is the surest way to devalue all the hard work you have put into building your brand and organic SEO.

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Social media doesn't take a vacation, just like real estate doesn't take a vacation. You have to stay active and engaged with your audience at all times, otherwise your audience will dwindle and more or less stop engaging or interacting with you, which doesn't really help you in building that organic SEO that you so much want to build.

So I can speak from personal experience with 29,000 Twitter followers. I haven't been as active as previously in other years, partially just because I'm busy, and partially because it's just not as easy. I used to have a Blackberry and could touch type, so--a little bit harder.

What you need to realize, though, is that if you stop engaging with them, they will stop engaging with you, and you will be forgotten very quickly. Especially now, when the market is moving very fast, take advantage of it.

I'm going to start doing something with RPR reports. I'm going to start putting some of the Neighborhood Reports onto Facebook pages for communities, and putting them out on my blog and other locations for people to be able to download. I'll be sharing that on Twitter, Facebook, whatever social media platform it is.

Now I don't use Instagram because I have a Windows phone [and they] discriminate against us in Vine and things like that, but fine, whatever. Sharing on any platform that you're using is good, but people are giving Pinterest a bad rap lately. I think Pinterest is great because you can share a lot of design ideas, houses. I love doing a lot of really bad real estate photos--not that I take them, but I discover them--so I like to share those and I'll probably put a Pinterest board up for that.

But visual shares are far more powerful and have a little more of a viral capacity than text, because people don't read anymore, they scan. That's probably why videos are even more powerful, so you should be making videos of your properties, or talking about communities, or educating your clients about the process.

Anyway. So, there's no such thing as a social media vacation, just like there's no such thing as a vacation in real estate.

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