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He Said, She Said - Manage Your Online Reputation with Naymz

November 16 2010

Namez logoCongratulations, you have now activated your personality in a lot of great places where people can easily find you and interact with you through the popular social networks. You have a Plaxo profile, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, MySpace profile, Twitter profile, profile on your broker website, profile on your personal website, virtual tours, and probably a number of other places people can find you on the Web. Now, how do you keep it all straight? With Naymz. Naymz is an excellent way to pull it all together and manage your online reputation, and, of course it is also free!

With Naymz, you can have a webpage built around your name and link to all of the information about you. The really cool thing that we have noticed about Naymz is that they drive traffic to your profile on their network by investing in Pay Per Click keywords at Google using your name, so you don’t have to. They do not promise to do this, but I noticed that they do.

The great news about Naymz is that you can tell anyone to “Google” you and click on your Naymz profile to find you everywhere online!

As an added benefit, Naymz will collect references for you from the people you know. They call it a RepScore. Moreover, they will notify you whenever someone finds you through Naymz by displaying their name and location if they are a Naymz user, or by displaying their location if they are not.

Namez home page

To get started, visit

Enter you contact information to register, then build out your profile using the profile tab at the top of the page. When you are done, select the network tab. Using your Google username and password, you can connect with your contacts already using Naymz. If you choose to, you can invite your entire address book to check it out.

Namez profile

Congratulations, you are socially networked! Have fun connecting and hopefully your real estate business will flourish from your networking activities. In the worst case, friends, family, clients and co-workers will gain the positive impression that you are tech savvy and plugged in to what is happening online.

This is the final part of a series of articles on ‘Tired of Networking in Person? Try Online Networking.’ The series describes how online networking can help real estate professionals secure new clients, work more effectively with buyers and sellers and help create clients for life.