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Consumer Education First for Success

June 03 2013

RE Technology's resident video blogger and social media guru, Maya Paveza, on why educating clients is crucial to real estate success.

Monday with Maya Paveza on RE Technology

Consumer Education Equals Success:
How, What & Why of Real Estate Transactions

ABCsWe forget that an educated consumer is the best client. Take the time to educate, and consider what the process is like for your clients.

Stop speaking "real estate-ease" and speak English. Set expectations and explain how we work. If we all commit to educating our clients, then the whole industry will improve and the consumer expectation that they can "go somewhere else if you won't do it" will be extinct.

If we all set a higher standard, educate first, we will all be more successful and have happier clients. Get back to basics before you take the technological leaps.

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