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MySpace - Stake Out Your Space

November 03 2010

myspace logoMySpace works similarly to Facebook, but the pages can be made fancier with themes, which can be downloaded for free, or purchased. It also appeals more to people who like to share information on music, hobbies, sports teams and TV shows. Where Facebook has more pull with college students and professionals, MySpace has more pull with teens and pre-teens. As a result, it is a goldmine for parents who have MySpace accounts used to monitor their children online.

Through the process of checking on their children, they connect with other parents and find that MySpace is actually quite fun and easy—hence, the reason why they have amassed more than 100 million members.

To get started with MySpace, visit and click on the "Sign Up" button. Fill out the necessary information using your primary email address. Upload a photo so others can identify you.

myspace homepage

It can be your company logo if you do not want to share your photo yet. Using your Gmail username and password, MySpace will provide you with a list of your friends who are already on MySpace. The next step allows you to invite others to join. You may consider skipping this step. As your friends join MySpace, they will find you just as you found them.

Like Facebook, MySpace has an applications gallery that allows you to add features and functionality to your MySpace page:

  • Loan Calculator.
  • Web Link allows you to put a screen shot of your real estate website or blog onto your profile and link out to it. We recommend taking a snapshot of the property search page.
  • Flash Viewer allows you to put virtual tours on your page.

This is the fifth part of a series of articles on 'Tired of Networking in Person? Try Online Networking.' The series will describe how online networking can help real estate professionals secure new clients, work more effectively with buyers and sellers and help create clients for life.