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8 Resources for Saving 'Green' this Earth Day

April 21 2013

grass world map greetingIt's Earth Day--but we're not going to talk about saving the environment by going green today. While there are many virtues to reducing your paper and energy use, we know that you've probably heard all about that already. Instead, we're going to talk about saving green.

When you think about it, caring for your finances and caring for the planet are not that different. In the end, it all comes down to responsible resource management. What resources are you conserving by going paperless? Money, certainly, but also time and effort.

In the spirit of helping you conserve the resources that are most important to you (whatever they may be!), we've rounded up some of our favorite articles and calculators to help you navigate the world of going paperless.

Exploring Expenses

We get it. The printing, the faxing, the copying--it's all familiar and maybe even comforting, especially if you've been doing it for years. If you're reluctant to switch to a paperless real estate practice, perhaps some cold, hard facts and figures will make you reconsider. Just how much is all the printing, faxing, and copying costing you? See The Hidden Cost of Paper Transactions to learn more.

Still not convinced? These two 'paperless' calculators can give you a more personalized look at how much money you're throwing away each year:

  • Paperless Savings CalculatorPaperless Savings Calculator - This tool from Instanet factors in things like printing costs, storage costs, and staff time to give you a detailed idea of how much money you spend in a year on paper related expenses.
  • Green Marketing 'ROI' CalculatorGreen Marketing 'ROI' Calculator - If you still focus on direct mail instead in favor of online marketing, this calculator from eMerge lets you know how much you could save by turning your focus to digital channels instead.

Sell More, Sell Better

Now that you know what you can save by going paperless, let's explore what you can get. It's a fast paced real estate market out there these days, especially with inventory as tight as it is. Your buyers are facing some pretty stiff competition, so being able to move as fast as possible works greatly to your--and your clients'--advantage.

Would your current practices let you submit an offer on an in-demand property within an hour? They would if they were mobile, digital, and instant. Learn more in Gain the Competitive Edge With Electronic Signatures.

That scarce inventory we mentioned? It makes it a lot harder to win listings, too. That's why we love The GoodLife Team's 5-Step Listing Presentation for iPad. This tutorial (complete with a video demonstration) will show you how to wow prospective clients. Just as importantly, it will also set up the entire future transaction with a client for success by teaching you more about essential tools like DocuSign and EvernoteEvernote.

"Green" isn't all about paperless. In Sell More Homes By Tapping Consumer Needs, we learn that 87% of consumers consider heating and cooling costs as a key piece of information in choosing a home. However, many agents are not talking about this to their clients. By providing information on utility costs, you're giving buyers exactly what they want to know--and differentiating yourself from the competition at the same time!

Getting Started

If all this "green" stuff is new to you, don't worry. These two articles will help introduce you to the world of paperless real estate in a clear and helpful manner: