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The Top 5 Reasons to Use Cloud CMA (+ 3 Bonus Ones)

March 17 2013

cloudcma top5 vidWe were delighted when we saw Cloud CMA's new promotional video last week. Short and snappy, it gives viewers five reasons to use the program--and reminded us just why we've been fans for several years.

If you're new to Cloud CMA, the video is a fun introduction. We can think of more than five reasons why you should use Cloud CMA, though! Here are just a few:

  • Ease of use: You don't need much information to get started. Create reports just by entering a property's address or MLS number.
  • Multilingual: Reports are available in both English and Spanish--an potent feature in today's increasingly diverse market!
  • It Connects to Your MLS: Gone are the days of entering MLS data into your CMA solution. Cloud CMA automatically leverages MLS information to create beautiful reports.

But you didn't come here just to hear our reasons. Click through to the next page to view Cloud CMA's video and see the top five reasons to use it as your CMA solution.

1. Make a Good First Impression

Cloud CMA creates beautiful reports and property flyers that are sure to wow your clients and prospects. They're not just aesthetically pleasing, though. The reports present information in a clear, understandable way so that readers are not just impressed, but well informed.

2. Do an iPad Listing Presentation

CMAs are a vital part of a listing presentation. Cloud CMA reports are viewable on all devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Windows and Mac? Check. Android, iPhone, tablet, and laptop? All affirmative. Cloud CMA reports are compatible with however you choose to display your presentation.

3. Customize Your Reports

With themes, layouts, fonts, custom pages, and more, you can tailor your report to exactly how you want it. You can even rearrange pages and add personalized branding.

4. Reports Aren't Just For Sellers

You can woo prospects with flyers and impress buyers with CMA reports, too. In fact, Cloud CMA offers two reports for buyers--the Property Report and Buyer Tour. See our articles, A 'CMA' for Buyers and 2 Ways a CMA Can Generate Leads to learn more.

5. Create Any Report By Just Sending an Email

Need a report on the go? Just send an email to Cloud CMA to automatically generate one on the fly. The program will even share it for you! One more measure of email friendliness that we like--Cloud CMA send links to reports instead of attachments, so your emails will never bounce for being too large!

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