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Friday Freebie: Sign Rider Store

February 28 2013

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Traditional sign riders are too expensive and take too long to receive. Not to worry. The Sign Rider StoreSign Rider Store solves these problems for you. With their unique do-it-yourself approach to creating sign riders, real estate professionals can print, assemble and hang sign riders right from their office and hang them the same day.

It’s extremely simple. Try it yourself!

Start by signing up for a free account. You’ll be able to design and print signs unique to each listing. Once a sign is printed in your office, it can be assembled in just seconds with components in a Sign Assemble Kit. This is a powerful concept. Not only can you design and hang signs immediately when needed but you can highlight amenity and property details to help spark buyer interest.


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Low cost and in no time

Saving time and money is a big deal. Traditional sign riders cost upwards of $10 per sign and can take over a week to arrive in the mail. Sign Rider Store signs cost between $3.50 and $5 (depending on Assembly Kit size). By keeping Assembly Kit components on hand, delivery time is eliminated from the equation. Given that each Kit provides the ability to create multiple signs, you’re also no longer paying shipping on individual signs. The shipping is amortized across a full kit, further reducing cost.

This low cost, DIY model enables a host of opportunities for how the sign riders are utilized. For example, hanging 2 signs side by side can maximize exposure and convey more detailed information. A basic sign on the left highlights unique property features, while a second prominently displays contact information. A sign around the corner can point toward an open house, while another in front of the property provides the date and time.

Technology Powered Add-ons

The Sign Rider Store also offers Add-ons; technology-powered upgrades for your signs that can give any professional competitive edge with minimal effort. By enabling the Lead Capture Add-on, you can create signs that display unique auto-generated Lead Capture codes (e.g. To 41411 text RLTY 4Z). When a lead texts to receive more information, you receive their phone number and a real time lead alert via email or your mobile device.

The Microsites Add-on offers the ability to drag and drop property photos directly into the sign generator. Your sign then prints with a unique property URL, displayed as text or QR code, which can be accessed via any mobile device to display mobile-optimized property photos.

This is just the beginning of what the Sign Rider Store plans to offer. As the industry evolves along with the needs of real estate professionals, the team at Sign Rider Store vows to continuously offer value in unique and creative ways.

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