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Turn on the SEO Afterburner for Your Real Estate Videos

January 28 2013

leadingagent afterburnerJust like your blog posts and the pages on your website, the videos on your website require a thought out, well-crafted SEO plan.

Today, I thought I would give you a few tips to consider, when crafting your own SEO plan, as well as a quick rundown on my favorite WordPress plugin you can use to help you with the optimization of your real estate videos on your website.

Tip #1: Keywords - start with the basics

This is a no-brainer, right? You'd be surprised, but researching popular keywords is something we consistently see REALTORSĀ® overlook when they are putting video content on their real estate website.

Above, you can see some keywords that REALTORSĀ® use to end up on our website. Google Analytics is an awesome tool to do some detailed research on what keywords people are using to get to your website (If you don't have Google Analytics on your website, SHAME ON YOU! Get it installed).

Using this information, you can make an informed decision on keywords to use for your existing video content. Even better, your list of keywords may even expose terms that come up frequently, that you don't have much content yet for those keywords. You can remedy that problem by beefing up your content in those areas.

Tip #2: DO NOT Go crazy with your keywords

With standard web pages, if you pump in tons of keywords (especially those that don't pertain to anything that is actually on that particular page) into the meta data of that page, you are going to fail when it comes to an effective SEO strategy.

Use one idea, and don't make things confusing by using several topics as keywords. If you keep your keywords relevant, simple, clear, and on target, you will win the battle.

Tip #3: Video is great, but it's not enough. Be sure to add content on all your video pages

Search engines need help with video and indexing it. The easiest way to do that is add copy to the page the video is on (either before the video or after).

When you create the copy to go on the video page, remember step #2. Be clear and concise, just as you were with selecting keywords for the metadata of your page.

My favorite Video SEO Plugin

One of the things I love most about designing real estate websites on the WordPress platform is the ability to quickly and easily add in any number of plugins to make you more productive and allow you to "work smarter." Many of these plugins are free, and even the ones that cost money are very affordable, considering the wonderful things they will do for you.

Here is my favorite Video SEO Plugin: Yoast Video SEOYoast Video SEO

This plugin supports:

  • Automatic XML Video Sitemap generation (adding on to the WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps)
  • MediaRSS enhancements to your RSS feed
  • Snippet previews with the actual video still in them
  • Facebook OpenGraph tags on your video pages
  • Support for many major video platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion, and others

All these features combined make this video SEO module a must-have for the video blogger using WordPress.

So there you have it. SEO is critical to your success. Video requires the same thought and planning that your website pages and blog entries do. Using the above steps in combination with this great plugin from Yoast will put you on the path to succeess.

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