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Inman Connect NY: Day 1

January 17 2013

inman re connect nycThough our CEO, Victor Lund, is attending Inman Connect in New York this week, the rest of the RE Technology team is holding down the fort in sunny California. If you're like us, though, you're still anxious to keep up with all the conference goings on.

That's why we turned to Twitter, where we followed the hashtag #ICNY to watch the conference unfold in real time. We're sharing our favorite tweets here, organized according by presentation.

Agent Reboot
Opening Keynote, Marc Davison, 1000Watt

@TuckerWanna - Being curious is 1st tenet of being innovative. Being open is second. Invite serendipity into your life. #ICNY

@LisaArcher - How empathetic are you to your clients? Being innovative requires being empathetic to your customer. @1000wattmarc #agentrb#ICNY

@kerrybarger - "Be great at one thing, not good at ten things." @1000wattmarc#ICNY #agentrb

@NikkiBeauchamp - Creativity is about immersing yourself deep into your ideas. [email protected] #agentrb #icny #nycre


How to Use Real Estate Data in Your Business

@RebeccaChandler - #icny An agent's only value is not access to data. It's using the data to better serve their clients.

@Onboard_Info - "Data is the most powerful thing we have at our fingertips to build a sustainable business." #icny #agentrb

It's 2013, Time to STOP Pushing... and Pull
Jim Marks, President & Internet Anthropologist, Virtual Result

@YsGuy - Jim Marks: Content is no longer king! Relationships and relevance (context) of content is king. @jimmatks #agentRB #ICNY

@YsGuy - Grow your sphere in concentric circles by interacting with your friends and THEIR friends. @jimmatks #agentRB #ICNY

@TuckerWanna - If your marketing depends on you pushing a message to me, someone will create a technology to stop you. #ICNY

@reneefishman - 42% of all #directmail never makes it through the front door; era of#pushmarketing is over @jimmarks #icny #agentrb (has been for a while)


How to Cultivate and Build Relationships on Social Media
Katie Lance, Chief Strategist, Inman News

@RobinTaylorRoth - Are you connecting with people? Intentionally or haphazardly? Stop "random acts" of social media. #ICNY @katielance

@YsGuy - Relationships come from PERSONAL communications -- letters, cards, etc. Social media can help too. @katielance #agentRB#ICNY

@PatPichette - "Leave no tweet behind. Relationships are built with small actions over time" says @katielance - great presentation. #ICNY #agentrb

@LeightonDees - The average age of a realtor is 55, 30% of all realtors are over 60! The gap is growing! @inmanconnect @katielance #ICNY

@YsGuy - Social media is no longer a passing fad. Youth won't have that box of cards their parents have. @katielance #agentRB #ICNY


How to Create Effective Video
Matt Singer, CEO, Videolicious

@RobinTaylorRoth - Create short 15-second shots, one feature per shot. Choose your best position, for each feature. #ICNY

@RobinTaylorRoth - Choose what to shoot (say, the best 3 attributes of a listing). Don't include everything in the video. #ICNY

@RobinTaylorRoth - A camera is an energy black hole. You have to be more energetic than usual, to appear normal. #ICNY

@RobinTaylorRoth - Use wide shot for context, close-in shot for details. Pan slowly. Face the light, so you are illuminated. #ICNY

@RobinTaylorRoth - Integrate stills & text, too. However, most important part of the video is YOU! #ICNY


Main Street Has Moved: Building Websites That Matter
Seth Price, Director of Sales & Client Care, Placester

@Halstead - All agent company bio pages should have testimonials "Your reviews have to be indexed online not on piece of paper" [email protected] #icny#agentrb

@RobinTaylorRoth - 75% of consumers don't look past the 1st page of search results. Local & personal content getting more important. #ICNY

@MaineNerd - People want to cut through the noise and find an answer that's relevant @sethstuff #ICNY #agentrb

@RobinTaylorRoth - Before, agents had all the info; now, consumers do their own research & are well informed. May have info overload. #ICNY

Three Social Innovation Trends Worth Watching in 2013
Matthew Shadbolt, Director of Interactive Design, Corcoran Group

@MauraNeill - Storytelling is at the heart of communities. Your marketing should be about telling stories. @Corcoran_Group #agentrb #icny

@WebsiteBox - RT @nobuhata "Understand the rich tapestry of data around you. Paid visibility ensures online growth." @Corcoran_Group #agentrb#icny

@MauraNeill - "Display advertising's time has passed; it's time to get creative."@Corcoran_Group #agentrb #icny

@MauraNeill - There's no room for 3- or 4-star reviews anymore. Don't deliver anything less than amazing. @Corcoran_Group #agentrb #icny

@MauraNeill - Fluid Mobility. Focus your efforts and your content on what your customer wants right now. In the moment. @Corcoran_Group#agentrb #icny


Welcome Address: The Latte Vision
Brad Inman, Publisher, Inman News

@gregrobertson - "If we can get to the moon, we can digitize the transaction process"-Brad #icny

@JGD - Lets fight the public policies that help nobody. @bradInman #ICNY

@BrayHomes - Are we tougher on home buyers than we are on terrorists? Controversial topics here at #ICNY. Making the transaction easier for you in 2013.

@seancarp - Realtors won't think digital sigs & paperless trans. aren't important until they get fired by a client who demands it. #ICNY

@TuckerWanna - When Inman Connect first started they all said "Listings were not safe on the internet! How things have changed. And will continue to.#ICNY

@gregrobertson - It seems that is order to make the "Latte Vision" a reality we have to surrender our digital privacy. Some may find this ok, some not.#ICNY

@utahREpro - We have a public policy in this nation to promote homeownership and yet we make it a difficult process. - @bradinman #ICNY

@gregrobertson - "A digital trail is safer, that's how we convict white collar criminals" -Brad #icny

@gregrobertson - Brad holds up bundle of papers about 7 inches thick, representing real estate transaction, then tosses it to the floor. #ICNY


What Does the Industry Need to Do to Make the Latte Vision Happen?

@Chris_Smth - "When you are behind, like the real estate industry is, you have to leapfrog innovate, not iterate." @GAustinAllison #ICNY

@peterjcimino - Google apps, Evernote, Dropbox and iPads are replacing traditional Real Estate items. Being good at this makes the best experience#ICNY

@MaineNerd - "It's not about having technology, it's knowing how to use it" #icny

@mark_mclean - Customers are loyal to a good experience. Nice little jewel from #icny

@reneefishman - "I can't create a latte experience with paper" @[email protected] #icny - digitize everything

@wheretolive - Are consumers NOT buying/selling due to the inefficiencies in today's real estate transactions? #icny

@FischRealEstate - The latte vision assumes the customer experience revolves around documents #icny

@carolfarrar - Many short sale lenders do not cooperate with esignatures. Something has to change. It's a slow process. #ICNY #lattefactor

@JGD - The digitization of the real estate transaction comes 2 a screeching halt at the lender, especially with short sales. Banks want blood#ICNY

@lauriewdavis - The consumer is the most important audience. The agents are the second most important. @GAustinAllison @Dotloop #ICNY