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Here Comes the Blackberry Tablet!

September 28 2010

BlackberrytabletMany in real estate have taken great interest in the iPad. For many of us over 40, it is a great solution to mobile computing. The screen is big enough to read!

The problem with the iPad for real estate is that most of the tools that agents and brokers use in real estate are not built to work on Apple OS. In real estate, Blackberry took major marketshare after the Palm Treo appeal melted. The Pre did not live up to the performance and usability of the Blackberry or the iPhone. Real Estate folks who needed a phone that worked with the MLS wireless products flocked over to Blackberry. Others that just wanted a cool phone choose the iPhone.

Recently we have seen a variety of new companies emerge that are bringing real estate tool to all devices – iPhone, Blackberry and Android (Google). Here is a linklink to a pile of them on RE Technology.

Now, Blackberry stands to release the Playbook, a tablet computer that will compete with the iPad. If you are a Blackberry mobile fan who wants a tablet computer, jump for joy. The key advantage of the Blackberry tablet is the familiar usability for Blackberry phone users. It works the same way as your phone, but with a big screen that makes it easier to read and operate. No need to learn a new operating system like the Apple Mobile for iPad and iPhone – just turn it on and it will look and feel just like a huge phone.

One feature that I really like is the ability to display materials on TV Sets. Imagine sitting down in the living room with a prospective seller and walking through your listing presentation on their TV. Another huge feature is support for Adobe Flash. Flash is a software language that displays popular real estate features like slideshows and photo tours. Those do not work on the iPhone or the iPad – only on Blackberry and Android. In other words – with the Blackberry, every website will work on the Playbook like it works on your computer – no more explanation necessary. I own an iPad and can tell you first hand that lots of websites that I use every day do not work on it.

Blackberry is calling the Playbook the first professional Tablet. It is fully compatible with everything that your Blackberry phone works with. Many are waiting with baited breath to learn the price of the Playbook. Everyone knows that Apple is overcharging for the iPad and the wireless access fees are absurd from AT&T. Many do not understand that if you have a mobile phone with a data plan $25-$50 per month – you need to pay an extra $25-$50 for the iPad. What is cool about the Blackberry Playbook is that it uses the same data plan as your phone. In fact, it connects to the web through your phone using a wireless technology called Bluetooth. That is going to be a major cost consideration for most people.

If you are thinking about getting a tablet computer like the iPad, and you love your Blackberry – hang tight. You are likely to find the Playbook meets your needs and keeps money in your pocket.