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Gain the Competitive Edge with Electronic Signatures

November 30 2012

readyHow would you fare in this scenario?

It's 4pm on a Friday. The price of your client's dream home has just been reduced. What was previously out of financial reach is now within their grasp--but only if you act fast. Inventory's been low lately, and an attractive property like this is sure to be snapped up quick. If you submit an offer before the weekend begins, you give your buyers a crucial edge over the competition.

You have one hour. Do you have the tools to get the job done?

Gaining the Competitive Edge

If you don't use a digital signature solution like DocuSign, the answer is probably 'no.' Barring a miracle, it would be impossible to draft an offer, print it out, deliver the documents, collect all necessary signatures, and submit it to the seller--all within sixty minutes. There's too much paper to shuffle, too much driving around and too little time--not only for you, but also for your client. Imagine having to get signatures from a husband and wife working on opposite sides of town!

Electronic signatures eliminate the frenzy by letting you draft documents and electronically send them to all interested parties within minutes. There's no paper to print, and no travel time to worry about. All documents are instantly accessible to you and your buyers, whether you're in the office or they're on a cruise ship with their iPad or smartphone.

That one-hour deadline? You crushed it.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

As beneficial as electronic signatures are to making your clients' dreams of homeownership come true, they're even more advantageous to you in your business. By using a solution like DocuSign, you no longer have to worry about juggling multiple schedules to collect signatures. Gone, too, are the expenses of paper, file storage, and travel associated with traditional pen-and-ink signatures.

You can use the time and money saved in other important areas of your business. Maybe you can finally increase your advertising budget, or put more effort in prospecting. Regardless, you'll have more time to do what you do best--sell houses.

DocuSign offers specific features that further streamline your work life:

  • All docs, all screens. Sign any kind of document on any kind of internet-enabled device. DocuSign works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and all smartphones. It doesn't matter if you use your iPad to send documents to your client's Windows phone. All interested parties can sign a document from wherever they are on whatever device they choose. And best yet, there is no cost for your clients to use the service.
  • Integrates with your favorite real estate tools. DocuSign works seamlessly with other real estate programs, like Cartavi, Salesforce, Wise AgentEvernote, and more.

Beat Your Clients' Expectations

Today's consumer is technologically advanced. Nearly 90 percent use the internet during the home buying process. They expect easy access to information and quick, responsive service.

In the current market, it's not enough to simply meet your clients' expectations. You have to exceed them. "Tech savvy agents" who use tools like DocuSign have an advantage over traditional, paper-based agents. They are able make offers on hot properties before a traditional agent has even had time to get the papers signed.

With electronic signatures, you'll close more deals and create more satisfied clients in less time. Conquer the competition, and your clients' expectations, all within an hour, and in most times, just minutes!