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New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

September 17 2010

applestoreChances are, if you know people who have bought and loved an Apple product, they have most likely been converted by what is called "Apple evangelism," or are on the path to becoming an evangelist themselves. Apple evangelists express brand loyalty like few consumer groups; they can be seen spending their Saturday mornings in the Mac store, simply to enjoy playing with the latest and greatest Apple products. We at RE Technology, Inc., have several on staff (you know who you are, Victor and Melissa). Yes, even I, devoted PC user since infancy am writing this from a 28" Mac. Go figure.

If you are not lucky enough to have several Apple evangelists in your organization, here are a few signs to look out for:

1.) Inventing technical difficulties to justify their loitering habits

2.) The urge to buy the latest product 3G, 4G...just wait till the 5G. Hint: start saving now!

3.) Amazing resilience to AT&T's attacks to the iPhone, notice it's never Apple's fault, even if the phone dies!! Stupid AT&T!

4.) They visit the Apple store at least once a week, and usually go with a fellow Apple evangelist

Aware that the magnetic attraction to their store locations could potentially put Apple evangelists in harm's way, as far as local loitering legislation is concerned, Apple has reached out to their devotees and has created a new innovation called the Apple Friend Bar.

Watch this Onion News NetworkOnion News Network video and learn how you too can be welcomed into this elite group of Apple evangelists.

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