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RPR's National Launch

November 06 2012

On November 1, 2012 RPR delivered on its core mission to provide its valuable parcel centric information database to all of NAR's 1,000,000+ REALTOR® members across the country. In the three years since Realtors Property Resource LLC was formed, just before the NAR Annual Convention in San Diego, CA in 2009, RPR has gone from a start up company to an extremely valuable REALTOR® owned technology asset creating products for agents, brokers, commercial practitioners, appraisers, associations and MLS/CIEs.

RPR's delivery to markets throughout the country began in September 2010 with a phased launch based upon MLS and Association partnerships. This assisted in ensuring that REALTORS® received communication, training and support. As of November 1, 2012, RPR partnerships have surpassed 425 markets representing over 67% of all REALTORS®. RPR's National Launch was designed to extend RPR's parcel centric database to those REALTOR® members in non-partnering RPR markets.

The importance of data integrity and accuracy

rpr national launch 1RPR's primary function for REALTORS® is to provide advanced search, mapping, valuation tools and features which create dynamic reports which agents can provide to their clients and customers, which can assist them in making informed decisions when buying or selling real estate. At the core of this value proposition is layer upon layer of parcel-centric data from multiple sources.

RPR receives information on more than 150 million parcels of residential and commercial property from more than 3000 counties and more than 400 MLSs. We publish tax assessment data, recorded deeds and mortgages, notices of default, foreclosures, auctions, and REOs, and active and historical listing data. We update data from all of these sources throughout the day, every day of the week. It is a complex operation, involving many partners and vendors as well as our own dedicated team.

The RPR Product and Support Teams are dedicated to receiving valuable feedback on the quality and accuracy of the data within the RPR system. As diligent as we are in reviewing the raw data received by RPR, no one knows the data better than the agents and brokers who work in the local markets.

As you review all of the data that is available to you in RPR, you may notice information that appears incorrect to you. While the RPR staff and our data suppliers are constantly monitoring for data quality, it is possible that we can receive information from one of our many sources that isn't correct – and we want to know about it from you.

rpr national launch 2

Getting help with the data on RPR

Whenever you observe a data issue, or have any type of questions please just contact our support staff, who are available 24 hours a day to help you. Scroll to the bottom of any page in the RPR system, and you will see our toll-free support number, (877) 977-7576, as well as a link to chat online with a member of our team.

Your question will be logged in immediately, and sent to our data analysts, who will work with our suppliers to identify the source of the issue and how to correct it. Property information is touched multiple times on its way to RPR, but if a mistake has been made, the RPR staff needs to be able to determine where in the process the error occurred, and work with the right people to get it corrected. You will be updated on your issue as we identify its cause and obtain a resolution for you.

Providing you with highest quality of data is of the goal. We appreciate any feedback that you provide that allows us to improve upon the quality of the information that we collect and provide to you.

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