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Top 10 Articles from October

October 31 2012

autumnOctober saw the debut of a new iPhone, as well as plenty of talk about websites and SEO. With a chill in the air and shorter days upon us, there's no better time to hunker down and catch up on the latest real estate technology issues. Our list of last month's top articles is a great educational guide to get you started.

1) Weekend Homework: Improve Your Real Estate Business - by Kelly Phelan

What are you doing to improve your real estate business this weekend? Between the open houses, showings, relaxation, and errands, we know your schedule is packed. So we've come up with three easy tasks you can complete this weekend that will make your real estate practice better.

2) iPhone 5 Hails and Fails for Real Estate Professionals - by

The countdown is over and the iPhone 5 has surfaced. Have you made the purchase? Or are you thinking about it? With all the hype, there are some negatives that real estate agents should be aware of. asked around and did some research, and compiled a list of "iPhone 5 Hails and Fails."

3) How Single Property Websites Benefit the Seller and YOU - by Kelly Phelan

Sellers want to know one thing--that you, their agent, are dedicated to promoting and selling their home. By being all about the listing, a single property website does just that.

4) If you're Ignoring Google+ Wear a Helmet in 2013 - by Anita Koppens of Dynamic Page Solutions

With newer algorithm shifts moving away from link-based ranking signals to moving towards the social graph, Google+ is going to be a heavyweight in this arena. The Big G is in essentially saying, "If you want to play ball, get on our team."

5) 6 Tips to Building Relationships and Getting More Sales in Real Estate - by Matthew Collis of IXACT Contact

The more people who KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you, the more successful you'll be. Simple as that. So, how do you get yourself more of these people who know you, like you and trust you?

6) Tag Listings, Find Buyers - by RISMedia

Are you like the vast majority of top agents who are looking for the magic formula for capturing and converting more quality Internet buyer leads? Eureka! I think I've found it! It's called tag-based listings.

7) 3 Easy Photographs That Tell a Home's Story - by Kelly Phelan

Deciding what to focus on or how to approach real estate photography can be easy to overthink. Enter the three-step storytelling method. Inspired by photojournalism, this technique lets you convey the essence of story of a home with three easy shots. You'll never be stuck deciding what to photograph again!

8) Don't Just Tell Them About Your Marketplace, Show Them - by Chris Leo of Leading Agent

Many agents are getting hip to the idea that to score well on search engines, you need niche-specific keywords. One of the greatest ways to do this on your website, and to solidify yourself in your specific marketplace, is by creating interactive neighborhood guides on your website.

9) 3 Simple Steps to Better SEO - by Kelly Phelan

Meta tags, backlinks, keywords, friendly URLs. With terms like these, it's no wonder newcomers can be intimidated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thankfully, making your website SEO friendly is a lot easier than it sounds.

10) 5 Must Haves in a Real Estate Website - by Lone Wolf

The companies that are succeeding are starting to put more time, effort, and resources into their digital landscape. They want to showcase their offerings in the best possible way. Real estate is the perfect example of an industry where an effective and well created website will add to your bottom line.