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November Blogging Plan

October 31 2012

blog micFrom elections to Thanksgiving to Hurricane Sandy's aftermath, November presents a wealth of blog topics. We've rounded up eight more for you to help you jumpstart your writing.

Week 1: What You Need to Know About Filing Insurance Claims

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this is an especially pertinent topic. If your business is located in an area affected by the storm, be sure to urge homeowners who experienced damage to file a claim right away. Because claims are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, the high volume of claims is sure to delay payments significantly.

For areas outside of Sandy's reach, offer practical tips for dealing with common issues in your area, whether floods, fires, or other problems. Let your readers know why it's important to make sure their home is not underinsured, and advise them to get their own repair estimates from a contractor before the insurance adjustor arrives.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Election Season Round-up

    While your blog's readers are no doubt familiar with national and even state election issues, they're probably not as familiar with local ballot initiatives or candidates. Use this opportunity to establish your local expertise on community issues by offering a summary of measures on the ballot. Be sure to be politically impartial, though, to avoid alienating clients. Finish your blog post with a round-up of where to vote in your area.

Week 2: What is a Broker's Caravan?

Most home buyers and sellers are familiar with open houses, but many have never heard of a broker's caravan. Use this as a post that educates clients about this event. If you are the listing agent, let your seller know why it's important for brokers to tour their home and become familiar with it (so they put it on their list of homes to show clients!). If your caravan allows it, this can also be a great way for you and your seller to check out the competition.

If you are a buyer's agent, let your clients know that this is a fantastic way to tour the local market and view homes before on their big "reveal" day.

  • Additional or alternative topic: [Your Area] Recycling 101

    November 15 is America Recycles Day. Take the opportunity to let readers know about recycling services in your community for items like electronics, paint, and hazardous waste. Not sure? Use to find locations in your area. You can also educate your readers on what curbside recycling services your area offers, as well as any events or contests held in relation to America Recycles Day (find events here).

Week 3: All about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving opens your blog to a wealth of topics. You can list what restaurants will be serving Thanksgiving meals. Other easy food-centered topics can include recipes or serving presentation ideas (scour Pinterest for these).

Additionally, you can highlight the "giving back" aspect of the holiday by writing about local charities, food drives, and volunteer opportunities in your community.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Black Friday Events in [Your Area]

    The Friday following Thanksgiving is that most hallowed of shopping days--Black Friday. Get the scoop on great deals in your area and summarize them in a blog post. If you can, list specific deals and discounts, the store name and address, and when doors open.

Week 4: Why You Should List Your Home During the Holidays

Conventional wisdom says that winter makes it more difficult to sell a home. However, there are plenty of reasons why listing a home during the holidays is a good idea. By assuaging the fears of your clients, you may just persuade them to put their house on the market this holiday season.

Reasons you should include in your blog post: Buyers are extra motivated to purchase by the end of the year, thanks to tax breaks; less competition than in spring; neighborhoods look warm and inviting, thanks to holiday lights; many people have more time off, and can concentrate on buying.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Is it time to downsize?

    This post will appeal to older generations facing an empty nest. When children move out, many parents find themselves with far more home than they need. In addition to planting the downsizing idea in Baby Boomer minds, you can use this post to highlight more compact, yet attractive properties like condos. Be sure to promote single-level homes in this post, too, as they are more friendly to aging knees and joints.