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You Got It, Flaunt It!

October 28 2012

boomtown megaphoneBrand is often stated as one of the most important elements that make up a successful real estate agent. I tend to think of brand as simply as possible--it's who YOU are. You're unique and that's a powerful thing to leverage when it comes to marketing yourself or your team; you risk being lost in the crowd if you're too generic.

I've noticed that many of you, both agents and entire teams, are already successfully going the extra mile which is actually the hardest part. You sponsor local health events with the community center, you gather volunteers for the local housing partnership, you earn Real Estate Agent of the Week from the city paper, you're a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider, etc. This is all fantastic PR that can and should be leveraged.

You build relationships with your clients and these facts and news make a stronger case for why clients should trust you to find the perfect home. Here are five places where you can promote your accomplishments.

1. Your agent profile page - Just because you updated your agent page once, doesn't mean it can't be a "living" page that is updated as needed. Add relevant and useful information to these pages as you see fit. This is true for your individual agent pages, as well as your collective agent page.

2. Your Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, etc. - Yes, this may seem obvious, but keep those pages up-to-date and remember--you can have fun with these channels!

3. Your homepage - This is another instance of set it and forget it when it doesn't have to be. More isn't always better, so stuffing your merits on to your homepage is not necessarily recommended, but if you have ammo to help gain the trust of potential clients, there's nothing wrong with tastefully adding it.

4. Your blog - Regardless of where this blog "lives," make sure you use it to your advantage. Your blog should be a mix of content. Some of this content can include your recent accomplishments and community outreach events. Feel free to include pictures, relevant links to organizations you're working with, and more.

5. Your Trulia and/or Zillow profiles - Voted Best in Client Satisfaction? Most Innovative Real Estate Professional in your area? These profiles are excellent venues for powerful but easy to digest facts about you or your agency. Make it easy for your potential clients to learn more about you!

Keep in mind that it's okay to post news across multiple channels, but don't just copy and paste. Make sure each post varies and in content, tone, or both. For instance, your agent profile is most likely one of your more serious channels, but with Facebook, Twitter, etc., use a more casual tone.

Lastly, if you have any idea of something that may be newsworthy but you're not sure, just think about it from your clients' or potential clients' point of view.

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