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Prepare Now to Sell More Homes in 2013

October 25 2012

homefinder mikelindstromMichael Lindstrom, nationally recognized business coach, has a client roster that includes industry leaders, public figures, top executives, professional athletes and most recently, the five winning real estate agents of the Agent Makeover Sweepstakes.

Michael has coached thousands of real estate agents for almost two decades and is an in-demand speaker at many large real estate conferences. sought Michael's expertiseexpertise to coach the five winning agents on how establishing their personal brand will help improve their professional brand. Below, Michael elaborates on the top things agents should focus on for success in to 2013.

Ride the Technology Wave. Commit to learning the next wave in technology; embrace technology and make a commitment to it. Learn something new every week.

Give Back and Be Selfless. Find ways to give to your clients, community and neighborhood; contribution has a powerful place in business. Create your personal brand by operating from a place of selflessness. When working with clients, colleagues and your community, make it your personal brand to impact, move, inspire, touch or agitate them in some way.

Find a Mentor. Identify people in your industry, community or marketplace that you admire and can model their business approach. Reach out to them and learn from their success.

Put on Your Swagger Self. If you feel great with yourself, it is very magnetizing; people are attracted to those that are most confident and carry that important "swagger." Make it a point each day to put on your swagger self.

Find Focus. What do you focus on each day? Remember the adage, "Whatever you give energy to will grow." It is important to direct your attention to positive and exciting things each day. This influences our overall attitude and outlook on life.

Eliminate negative self-chatter. We speak to ourselves at approximately 1,000 words a minute in our head. It's critical to pay attention to this chatter and eliminate the negative thoughts. Ask yourself, "What am I grateful for in life? Who am I inspiring right now? What am I looking forward to right now? What can I do right now to contribute to others?"

Make Things a Must. Monitor the "should stack" in your life. These are things that you keep talking about and are NOT acting upon. Example, "I should start a social media strategy for my business." Change this to, "I must start a social media strategy for my business." Must is more definitive, decisive and a commitment. Be careful of using the word "should" when trying to obtain your real estate goals.

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