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Promotion is Key to a Successful Original Content Strategy

September 17 2012

blog micI have repeated this statement so many times, I feel many of you are sick of hearing it. I'm going to say it again though:

"Creating a blog is 20% of the work you need to do when promoting your services online. Actually promoting that blog post is what 80% of your time should account for."

Easier said than done, right? Well, today my friends, you're in luck. As promised in my last post, I'm going to give you a few proven, realistic ways you can promote your online content, and get that exposure your great material so richly deserves.

1) Your WordPress blog is GREAT, but don't ignore other blog options

Even if your website is set up on the very best WordPressWordPress set up, with the most killer theme, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider other blogging platforms. There are two, very easy to use platforms that can supplement your blogging efforts that will bring you great exposure.

ActiveRain and Tumblr are great examples of this. ActiveRain is a Real Estate community blog that gets lots of eyeballs (both industry people and homeowners).

The platform has an HTML authoring option, so it's super to post to your ActiveRain blog quickly, right after you create your blog in Wordpress. Simply copy the HTML of your post and paste it into the window. Set your keywords and then save it. As a last step, select "Edit Post" and then add a link to your original WordPress blog post. That's it!

Tumblr, much like ActiveRain, also has a very handy HTML authoring option that you can paste your post into. Unlike ActiveRain, though, they actually give you a separate box that you can paste a link to your original blog post into, making it even easier to do.

So why put your posts on these two platforms? Well, first off, both of them have a very large number of monthly visitors. Repeat visitors, in fact, that are avid consumers of content on the platforms. If you choose your keywords carefully, your posts will show up in search results, and you will get tons of eyeballs on your content that you otherwise may not have, as these people most likely have never been to your WordPress blog before.

Secondly, and just as important, by linking those posts, you are establishing more inbound links to your main blog. This is a very important thing, as far as SEO goes, and how Google and the other search engines rank websites. Those with more inbound links get more "street cred," as far as the search engines are concerned.

2) Think Google+ was a flop? Think again

I get it. Many people out there think that Google+ ended up falling a little flat. The thing is, though, that Google+ is owned by Google. You know what that means? Just like YouTube videos get special consideration when getting indexed by Google, so will your Google+ posts.

Google's search spiders will crawl and absorb all the data on your Google+ brand page. Even better, unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Google+ will allow you to not only post the link to your blog post, and a thumbnail photo of it, BUT also the entire text of the article, up to almost 100,000 characters (which should cover whatever you are posting).

This is huge. This means that when Google crawls your brand page, it will be indexing the entire content of your post. That is very powerful.

3) Don't ignore LinkedIn

Many agents have mentioned to us that they don't have a marketing strategy for LinkedIn when it comes to the promotion of their business. I happen to think this is crazy, and quickly point out to them exactly why they need to put LinkedIn into their content promotion strategy.

First off, unlike surfing Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ during work (frowned upon by many employers), LinkedIn tends to get a hall pass in the corporate world. Many salespeople and business professionals use it as a critical tool in their day to day business life (e.g. researching companies, striking up new alliances, etc.). Secondly, the heaviest users of LinkedIn are actually your prime, best scenario client (employed, professional and successful).

Given that these people are your "perfect client, and given that they spend tons of time on LinkedIn every day, why not post links to your blog posts on your LinkedIn profile, as well? Granted, you can't do some of the slick things that Google+ or Tumblr will let you do, but the target group you are putting yourself in front of, in my opinion, outweighs those benefits.

So there are three, realistic ways you can promote your original content on the internet. Truth be told, there are tons more. Clearly we skipped some of the obvious ones, such as Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and online forums. For anyone, though, that has no content promotion strategy, this is a great start.

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