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How “healthy” is your RE business?

August 13 2012

This post comes to us from Frances Brittle of Cloud CMA:

bran cereal 200pxWe all know the importance of keeping our minds and bodies healthy, but do you ever think about the "health" of your real estate business?

Health is defined as existing in a state of being that is free from illness or injury. Naturally, your real estate business will never catch the flu or break a bone, but business can certainly decline or become non-existent. In both scenarios, there are contributing factors outside of our control. We can't do anything about the genes we received at birth, or magically change the state of the housing market, but we can do something!

Of the things we can control, our input directly affects our output. Eating more fruits and veggies combined with exercise keeps our minds and bodies in a healthier state, but what about your real estate business? Throwing carrots at it won't really help, but you can choose to invest wisely in your business. You can do this by incorporating quality tools into your daily activities to drive your business objectives.

Investing in a new tool for your business is a double whammy--it's good for you and your business. Not only will you proactively advance your bottom line, you will be learning something new simultaneously. Learning new skills and overcoming challenges has been shownshown to support brain health.

So where should you start? Focus on one area of your business that could improve. For example, winning listings is an essential part of your business development, so try adding a CMA tool. Presenting information directly from MLS printouts is one option, but may not win the most listings. There are many easy to use CMA programs that automatically generate beautiful reports, making it easy for you to "wow" clients.

A popular CMA program is Cloud CMA. This web-based, report generating software pulls data from top websites like Yelp!,, and more to create a well rounded, data rich listing presentation. Cloud CMA allows you to customize your presentation with different fonts, colors, pages, and layouts, so reports look personalized and professional.

By investing in quality business tools and picking up a new skill along the way, you're proactively supporting a healthy lifestyle and a "healthy" real estate business. Go you!