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#ICSF: Day Two

August 03 2012

Many of my RE Technology teammates are representing at Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco this week. Unfortunately, I am not among them. So that I don't feel like I'm missing out completely, I'm following the conference on social media and sharing it with you nice people. If you missed my coverage yesterday, you can read it here. Now let's get started with today's highlights from ICSF.

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#ICSF on Twitter

Some of my favorite Tweets for Thursday, August 2nd:

Alain Pinel Realtors @alainpinelAlain Pinel Realtors @alainpinel : Quote: "Can we stop calling it social media? It's media! Why call them Internet consumers? They're consumers!" @MattBeall #ICSF

Matthew Shadbolt @Corcoran_GroupMatthew Shadbolt @Corcoran_Group : Nice advice at #ICSF from @LisaArcher "Any time you receive a compliment, ask for a referral, and build your lifelong book of business."

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : 5 ideas to get the mobile experience right: 1. Play to your strengths. @1000wattbrian #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : #2 Deliver the greatest good to the greatest number of users. Search should be simplistic. Forget the weirdos. @1000wattbrian #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : #3 Care about the design: Think about the beauty of your application. Make the interface pleasing. @1000wattbrian #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : #4 Kill friction. Don't make it hard to use your mobile app, ie remove passwords, usernames and barriers @1000wattbrian #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : #5 know what you want: define the goal of the mobile app. Is it to generate calls, leads, showcase brand etc. @1000wattbrian #icsf

Cynthia Hoskins @Cynthia_HoskinsCynthia Hoskins @Cynthia_Hoskins : "Pulling Your Listings from Aggregator Sites: Who Wins?" session at #ICSF. Now this conference is going to get good!

inman d2

Bob (Robert) Watson [email protected]Bob (Robert) Watson ?@TopBrokerOC : Spencer just got his hand slapped by Errol. No FSBO's are on just MLS supplied listings. #zillow #realtor #ICSF

Bob (Robert) Watson [email protected]Bob (Robert) Watson ?@TopBrokerOC : FINALLY! @inmanbrad brings up the syndication "monetization" question. Isn't this the real issue here? #ICSF

Matthew Shadbolt [email protected]_GroupMatthew Shadbolt ?@Corcoran_Group : Good advice from @spencerrascoff - the public doesn't care about the industry's syndication conversation #ICSF

REALTOR® Magazine [email protected]REALTOR® Magazine ?@realtormag : Saul Klein asks (rhetorically?) @realtordotcom and @zillow execs if they would want their for-sale homes on each other's sites. #icsf

REALTOR® Magazine [email protected]REALTOR® Magazine ?@realtormag : Spencer Rascoff of @zillow responds that, yes, he would like his for-sale home on @realtordotcom #icsf

Chris Smith [email protected]_SmthChris Smith ?@Chris_Smth : Breaking: @REALTORdotcom releases agent branded app for all agents. It's free. #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner [email protected]_kershnerJeffrey Kershner ?@jeff_kershner : Don't go into the native app world before you have a mobile optimized website because all phones have a browser. #ICSF

Janet White [email protected]Janet White ?@iSocialJanet : Congrats to all the Inman Innovator Finalists! Updates are out! #ICSF

Teri Conrad [email protected]Teri Conrad ?@TeriConrad : You don't want to appear self serving on social - @staceyharmon #brandtrack #icsf

Sarah O'Bannon [email protected]Sarah O'Bannon ?@sarahobannon : #ICSF - listings are boring, post more about your feelings, the home's story, and your experience when you walk in the door!

Lyndsey Douglas [email protected]Lyndsey Douglas ?@LyndseyDouglas : 5/5 scores are often perceived as doctored. 4/5 star agents get more leads through agent sites. #icsf

Lisa Archer [email protected]Lisa Archer ?@LisaArcher : IDX stats 48,000,000 page views per week 5,000,000 coming from mobile safari browser 1,200,000 came from an iphone 3,800,000 from ipad #ICSF

David Marine [email protected]_marineDavid Marine ?@david_marine : Problem w/ agent reviews: unlike on Amazon agents can flood reviews w/ friends & family. is it really an honest review like on Amazon? #icsf

In the News

You can always expect a flurry of press releases during ICSF! Here are a few we published on RE Technology today.