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#ICSF: Day One

August 02 2012

inman connectI couldn't make it to Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco this week; so, I'm doing the next best thing: following the conference on social media. I'll be sharing some of the highlights here for all you folks who are in the same boat.

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#ICSF on Twitter

Some of my favorite Tweets for Wednesday, August 1st (opening day of the conference):

pamela_kabati @pamela_kabatipamela_kabati @pamela_kabati : Expect incremental improvement in housing markets and continued low interest rates over next year, says Inman econ panel. #icsf

Lockhart Steele @LockLockhart Steele @Lock : Great "New Kids on the Block" lineup at #icsf: @dreamcommerce @happyinspector @homevisor @honestbuildings @lovely @revintanews @videolicious

Laura Monroe @LauraMonroeLaura Monroe @LauraMonroe : Data is like a river with tributaries running into it and there are thousands if tributaries. #icsf

Chris Lambrou @MREDChrisChris Lambrou @MREDChris : "Real Estate Data is much like a flowing river..." [have to chime in that this river is currently highly polluted] #noSwimming #icsf

RealEstateLivin @RealEstateLivinRealEstateLivin @RealEstateLivin : @InmanConnect as it happens. Tune in to the Connect live blog: #icsf #realestate #REALTOR

Steve Hundley @1parkplaceSteve Hundley @1parkplace : It's not about pins. It's not about pictures. It's about people. @Chris_Smith #icsf This is still a relationship business. More than ever!

Lisa Archer @LisaArcherLisa Archer @LisaArcher : backlinks are overrated. via @Chris_Smth #icsf

Chris Nichols @utahREproChris Nichols @utahREpro : What does it FEEL like to buy or sell a home? Capture that moment and SHARE it! - @KatieLance #icsf

Digital Map Products @DMPIncDigital Map Products @DMPInc : People shifting thinking from buying perfect house to buying perfect neighborhood/location and making house perfect thru remodel #icsf

Sarah O'Bannon @sarahobannonSarah O'Bannon @sarahobannon : Buyers don't trust their agents any less now, but they do their own research and due diligence before making a decision. #icsf

Jeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershnerJeffrey Kershner @jeff_kershner : Should the average be broker be blogging or shift focus to visual media? The answer: do what you're good at and what you love. #icsf

kerry melcher @melchakkerry melcher @melchak : #icsf crms on panel: mingly, nimble, planet RE, goldmine - oh please let me fall in love with a CRM platform worth the input labor!!!

Monica Monson @luxeagentMonica Monson @luxeagent : 3 Cs of CRM: contact + communication + calendar #icsf

Valerie Garcia @valeriegarcia1Valerie Garcia @valeriegarcia1 : 75% of clients would refer biz to their agent, if the agent stayed in touch! #crm #icsf

Bob Bemis @bobbemisBob Bemis @bobbemis : 12% of agents use YouTube. 73% of consumers prefer to deal with agents who use Video. HUGE DISCONNECT. per Margaret Kelly RE/MAX #icsf

NuHabitat @NuHabitatNuHabitat @NuHabitat : Conversation about the modern day office. Totally Tech. Duh. #icsf

Allen Quinn @welcomehomeAQAllen Quinn @welcomehomeAQ : @1parkplace reminds us to maintain personal interactions and traditional marketing means #icsf

Shelby Schneider @ShelbySchneidShelby Schneider @ShelbySchneid : Great stat from @Ribeezie - 94% of home buyers stair their home search online. #icsf

Dan Sowden @DanSowdenDan Sowden @DanSowden : Success in real estate is proportionate to your involvement in the community. #icsf

HawaiiLife @HawaiiLifeHawaiiLife @HawaiiLife : Katie's room is packed. The other talks are virtually empty in comparison. I understand why...snooze. #icsf

ICSF 1Jon Larrance @perryandcoJon Larrance @perryandco : Together on the same #icsf stage, @nik_nik & @ReggieRPR expounding the virtues of Wordpress.


Saul Klein @SaulKleinSaul Klein @SaulKlein : Today during an #icsf talk it was mentioned that testimonials on sites like @Yelp play an important role for Agents. What do you think?

Eric Bryn @ericbrynEric Bryn @ericbryn : Why are analytics important to agents? Why is a gas gauge important in your car? @jimmarks #icsf

In the News

You can always expect a flurry of press releases during ICSF! Here are a few we published on RE Technology today.