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11 Entertaining Facts About Losing, Damaging and Getting Back Your Smartphone!

July 02 2012

3862 homes com bathtubYour cell phone is what connects you to important phone numbers, including clients' contact info, text messages, past and present, and if you have a smart phone, many real estate professionals consider it their lifeline! Now, if you haven't stored your data through your wireless server provider, a cyber cloud somewhere, or just don't want to pay for insurance and a pretty decent deductible, you may be willing to do just about anything to retrieve your phone if something happens to it.

Have you ever had your phone fall into the...yea you know...the throne, AKA the toilet? Did you reach in right away, because you had a client to follow up with or a mortgage lender expecting your call? Perhaps you take your phone every place that you really shouldn't because it's always attached to you, as the gentleman is humorously portraying in the photo.

T-mobile and Kelton Research recently released a surveyreleased a survey citing some very amusing ways that phones have been lost or damaged. The results are quite entertaining and you may not be the only one willing to push the limits to save your precious device.

Smart phone owners responded yes:

  • 59% would retrieve their phone from a toilet. Yuck! At least you know (I would do it!) that you (we) aren't alone. One in five said they have dropped it in the throne.
  • 63% would rummage through the garbage to locate their lost phone.
  • 25% would fight a thief.
  • 17% would put themself in danger on a train track or tunnel to collect their dropped phone.
  • 12% would enter traffic to pick up their device.

Additional interesting statistics included:

  • Over half of the respondents say they have lost their phones on public transportation.
  • Almost a quarter said their device they own has been left in a bar or club.
  • 25% of parents have had their child spill something on their smart phone. (Have you had a client ever damage your phone?)
  • Then again, 30% admit to spilling a beverage on their own phone.
  • How important is make-up to women? Not more important to the average woman, because over half of them would rather leave the house without make up, than without their phone.
  • Over 1 in 10 respondents said they would rather leave the house without pants, than without their phone. (Real estate professionals, we don't recommend you doing this!)

Tell us below what kind of weird situations you have been in that has forced you to weigh the option to leave the smart phone or rescue it!

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