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Food for Fodder

August 06 2010

burntoutIf you blog, or write at all, then writer's cramp can all too often be your scapgoat for justifying the long period of time between your blogs.

Real estate professionals get it too. It's that feeling of drawing a blank, and batting around ideas you one by one systematically shoot down.  Inspiration is lacking, perhaps because you need new thoughts, new topic suggestions. If that is the case, this post is for you!

Real Estate Tomato's Teresa Boardman penned 101 topics real estate agents could blog about to establish a rapport with their current and future clients. Feel free to read her list and be inspired to widen your blog's horizon and write around some of these topics. Experiement with something new!

"In my last post on the Tomato I wrote about writing being the biggest obstacle for real estate professionals who want to have a blog.writing being the biggest obstacle for real estate professionals who want to have a blog.  Some of our readers commented that figuring out what to write about poses the greatest challenge."

It is hard for many to come up with topics so I wrote a list of 101 topic ideas for real estate professionals who want to have a blog to expand their internet presence and to meet the home buyers and sellers who live inside their computer. 

Potential clients are in your computer right now and are looking for great agents and lenders to work with. The idea is to build enough rapport so they will stop hiding and give us a call or send an email. Lets face it, consumers believe we all have horns and a tail and we need to put them at ease and establish a little credibility before we can earn their trust and their business.

The best posts come from the every day life of a real estate professional. There is also what I call “the real estate bloggers conundrum”: If we spend too much time writing, we don't have time to sell real estate, if we don't sell real estate, we don't have those experiences to write about. Our day-to-day lives and experiences in the real estate industry are filled with blog food, look for it, find it and start typing. 

Here are 101 ideas:

  1. A story about your neighborhood
  2. Local business, and send them a copy
  3. Your pet
  4. Go through your email, is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post?
  5. Listen  to your buyers, they give you blog food
  6. Listen to your sellers, they give you blog food
  7. Conversations with other agents can be a source of great content
  8. Architecture or housing styles in your area
  9. Historic buildings
  10. Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates
  1. Read the blogs and look for ideas to build on or spin a new idea from
  2. Take a picture write a post
  3. Home maintenance
  4. Take a walk
  5. Senior housing
  6. Pet  friendly housing
  7. Staging ideas
  8. local events
  9. Your hobby
  10. A closing
  11. A lender who did a great job
  12. Things that go wrong with real estate sales
  13. Home owners insurance
  14. Gardening and landscaping
  15. Your city council
  16. A new development
  17. Lofts
  18. Decorating ideas
  19. Real estate industry news - with your own unique commentary
  20. Mortgages news
  21. Interest Rates
  22. Credit scores
  23. Consumer hoaxes and scams
  24. First time home buyer programs
  25. Working with seniors
  26. Working with Baby Boomers
  27. Second homes
  28. Investment properties
  29. Foreclosure
  30. Property flipping
  31. "Rehabbing" a home
  32. Home energy conservation
  33. Final walk through
  34. Equity stripping scams
  35. Agency
  36. Real estate companies
  37. Transportation & Parking
  38. Schools
  39. Churches
  40. Day Care
  41. Paint and painting

  1. Pest control
  2. Good neighbors
  3. Bad neighbors
  4. Over priced homes
  5. The home buying process
  6. The home selling process
  7. Book review of a real estate related book
  8. Real Estate Laws
  9. Real estate terms
  10. Moving with children
  11. Moving
  12. Moving with pets
  13. Places to eat
  14. Places to shop
  15. Commentary on local news stories
  16. Commentary on local public policy
  17. Tell a story about a client who was fun to work with
  18. Write about what it is like to be  a Realtor
  19. When taking classes find something you learned that could be used as a post
  20. Write off topic humor
  21. Environmental issues
  22. Land lord or tenant issues
  23. How to sell a house
  24. How not to sell a house
  25. Building trends
  26. Parks
  27. Art
  28. Home safety
  29. Review web sites on local or real estate related topics

  1. Property taxes
  2. Crime
  3. Open houses
  4. Trends in kitchen design
  5. Area events for children
  6. The local zoo
  7. Where to play golf
  8. Coffee shops
  9. Women home buyers
  10. Advice for FSBO's
  11. Interview some one
  12. Local  real estate market trends and observations
  13. Furniture
  14. Investment scams
  15. Mortgage fraud
  16. Types of mortgages
  17. Home owners associations
  18. Attend a public meeting and write about it
  19. Weekend getaways
  20. Credit repair
  21. Fair housing issues

They may look kind of dry and boring in this list but the trick is to take every day experiences, based on these topics and weave them into a post. There are times for most of us when we just can't write but there are some work-arounds.  Find a photo and write about it, have a guest write a post or take a break from it for a couple of days. 

It also helps to have a system.
I have three days of the week that I have topics for, and four days where I have to find them.
I once wrote an entire post about socksan entire post about socks, and not only got by with it but got a great response from it. Those posts help show our human side and make the horns and tail less obvious.

Teresa Boardman is a professional Realtor in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.

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