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Great Service… Going Beyond the Talk!

June 20 2012

There’s a lot of industry talk these days about the need to provide a better, more valued and more satisfying service experience for home buyers and home sellers. Unfortunately it remains just that, mostly talk.

At the heart of any serious examination is the recognition that great products and great services in the 21st century are a team sport. And the winning teams in other industries have systems, processes, standards and controls to assure consistent, high quality results. So can an industry with the ultimate independent contractor culture learn and employ similar disciplines and systems to deliver better service?

Some broker/owners and real estate professionals are pursuing the notion that the way to deliver better service is to offer more services - believing that more equates to better. More is not the same as better… better is better.

What, then, is better service and who decides anyway?
Many service professionals believe that personality, style, good intentions and attitude are the key ingredients to good service. But great service requires more. When service is a matter of importance, consumers prefer competence and results to attitude and personality.

The delivery of superior professional service rests on four keys performance variables: consistency, reliability, accountability and responsiveness.  And the delivery of consistent, reliable, accountable, responsive professional service can only be achieved through the use of systems, processes, controls, performance feedback, service metrics and performance recognition. Service based upon improvisation and the best of intentions is no longer enough.

But will independent contractors embrace prescribed processes and systems; subject themselves to controls, service measurement and performance evaluation? The answer is that they will and they are! Because with all this comes enormous competitive advantage to attract more clients, keep them longer, deliver measurably better service, protect commissions and earn more referrals and repeat business.

The real bottom line of your business is attracting and retaining customers… because without customers there is no bottom line.  Value and satisfaction are the most critical elements of an effective customer attraction and retention strategy. The delivery of value and satisfaction can neither be random events nor someone else’s responsibility. Either we seriously pursue taking care of our customers or someone else will. That’s the beauty and the beast of the free market system.

Go beyond the talk of great service… now is the time to make measurably better service a reality for your clients and your business.


Quality Service Certification, Inc. is a leading real estate industry resource for systems, education, metrics and solutions that can make the delivery of measurably better service a reality.  For more information, contact [email protected] or call 1-888-547-4772.