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How to Gather More Client Reviews

June 06 2012

3701 reachfactor a plusIn the wash of lukewarm real estate news, there's good news for real estate agent marketing. New reports reveal that young people are soon going to be entering the homebuying market, as opposed to renting. (See How to Ride the Next Wave of Homebuyers) ReachFactor helps make your real estate agent marketing easy and effective by facilitating and verifying and promoting your real estate agent reviews. But where do you begin? The real estate process is already a complicated and time-sensitive one without having to gather client reviews for your real estate agent marketing. Here are some hints:

One of the easiest rules of thumb is that people writing product or service reviews are most likely to do it early in the process when the experience is fresh. A number of our agents make testimonial requests part of the closing process, because it allows you to explain the importance to the client in person (rather than via email) and they are more likely to respond—especially if they've had a good experience.

Below is a rundown of articles to help you start thinking about review-gathering and how to develop a process.

And, as always, if you have a method of gathering real estate agent reviews that works well, please let us know in the comments section.

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